Wednesday, September 27, 2017

You’re 7 months Theo James! 

Oh my little sun beam. You are such a littlejoy in our lives. You smile with your whole face and it lights up the whole room! You are always in a good mood and laugh so easily! Literally Daddy and Sawyer can just look at you with a certain face and you crack up. You are so ticklish. I love to nuzzle your neck and jaw and get you to giggle and snort! 

You are eating food like a champ! You especially love peas, pumpkin, squash, and pancakes. Your mothers son for sure. 

You are solidly in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Your eyes are still blue and I think you’re going to have darker hair than your brother.

You are sitting up on your own now and finally rolling on to your belly more regularly. You have been able to do it for a couple of months now but you are really picky about what you’ll do it for. 

You love your lovey and will instantly rub it to your face when you get it in your grip. You also love dogs! You track any dog that we see and whip your head all around to keep your eyes on it. You reach for them and jabber to them and it’s just adorable. 

Sleeping has not been your strength. You are up at least once, sometimes twice per night and you want nothing to do with your bink, you just want to nurse! I think you might be getting your first tooth soon though, so I’m trying to contribute it to that! 

You’ve learned how to spit and it’s your favorite way to let us know you don’t like what’s going on. You’ll do it when you’re over eating, when you’re tired and ready for bed, when I try to give you your bink but you don’t want it... spit, spit, spit. 

We sure do love you little one. We are so happy that God chose us to be your family! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sawyer starts Preschool! 

Sawyer is starting his first year of preschool! He's looking so grown up I can't even believe it. I asked him some unprompted questions, and his answers are pretty hilarious! 

How old are you? "2"

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A fire truck, or astraunaut.... oh no! Mommy, a cowboy!" This is coincidentally the same answer we get when we ask what he wants to be for Halloween. So not quite sure we've made the distinction between the two yet! 

What is your favorite color? "Orange"

What is your favorite food? "Carrots!" Not true. Not at all. He asks for carrots every single day (because they're orange) and I usually have to convince him to eat it, because he asked for it. 

What is your favorite movie? "I dunno! Hmmm... *hand on chin* Woody!"

What is your favorite thing to play with? "My carrot" Again, not true. Haha! I would say his plastic carrot from his kitchen set is one of the things he likes a lot but I never would have said that's his favorite! Such a goofball! 

What do you love most? "Mickey Mouse!" 


We sure do love this big boy of ours! Happy first day of school everyone!