Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sawyer is 7 months old!

I don't know what it is about 7 months, but it seems so much older to me! Doesnt he look like such a big boy?!

I know I said this last month... but this is totally my favorite age so far! He is so funny, and has so much personality! He is totally going to give us a run for our money once he can move freely on his own. Justin and I are both pretty stubborn and strong willed, and Sawyer totally inherited that from both of us. Plus he's a wild man. Moms of boys... please someone tell me this is normal and that I don't have a crazy child. He is constantly going. Cannot sit still. Doesn't stop talking. Go go go. But I love it, it's so much fun.

Sawyer has two teeth now! His two middle bottom teeth are here, and we have named them. The first is Leroy, the second is Lebron Paul, dont ask me why.

Eating solids has been quite the roller coaster. Sawyer loved baby food when we first introduced it. But now that I am starting to introduce him to real "human foods" he is totally not interested in the baby food anymore. He would much rather have what is on my plate and sometimes even refuses the baby food I try to give him. He will close his mouth and turn his head away from me... remember what I said about strong willed?! But he is doing well with the big boy foods!

He is starting to try to give kisses. It melts my heart. I mean, it basically is just him slobbering and snotting all over your face, but still. I can hardly handle it!

Sawyer is such a Daddy's boy! Man oh man does he love his daddy!! When Justin walks into the room you cannot get Sawyer to pay attention to you for anything. He only has eyes for dad until Justin comes over and gives him some attention.

He not only is a completely independent sitter now, but he also is starting to pull himself up on things and stand against things! When did he get so big!? He hasnt really figured out how to go anywhere once hes standing though. He just leans one way or the other and usually falls over. Haha

We also made some big changes in the sleep department! Sawyer has been rolling in his sleep and starting to sleep on his tummy! So we had to get rid of our beloved sleep sack swaddles, and move to the plain sleep sack. The first couple of nights were hard but we are back to sleeping through the night! We also introduced a lovey! It's a little Taggies lion blanket and Sawyer loves to lay there in the morning and play with the tags. It buys us a little extra time in the morning, which is just what we wanted! ;)

I just can't believe that he is already 7 months old! I am so excited to be almost out of school and get to spend every day with him, just soaking him up! We sure do love our little Soy Bean!

Studying himself in the front facing camera! Hahaha