Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Oh what a wonderful weekend! First of all, let it be noted that the Vandals won! This doesn't happen all that often so for it to happen over Homecoming when I was there to witness it was extra awesome!

There were so many things about this weekend and homecoming that I had totally forgotten about, and that I totally love.

I love how the band walks through Greek Row the morning of the game and goes into the houses to sing the fight song and get everyone pumped up.

I love how you can scream, "Who do we hate?!" pretty much anywhere in the city and immediately be answered back by, "Boise State!"

I love how the Homecoming Queen and King stand on the bar of our beloved Corner Club and sing the fight song.

I love the Kappa house and how being there brings back so many stories and memories that I hadn't thought about it so long.

I love the excitement in the entire city on Saturday and then the total feel of a town that is suffering from a massive hangover on Sunday.

And of course I love getting to spend time with friends and family that I adore and do not get to see nearly as much as I should.

Nothing like a tub from the Corner Club!

Yellow North Face Besties

Baby Flaher <3

Kappa Scholarship Key
So many friends on here!

Two precious Kappa Alumni leaving the Kappa, holding hands, after touring the house. <3

Brother <3

Siblings! Miss you Snail.

Double Sisters

Little Little
Oh Moscow how I already miss you! See you soon!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Yay yay yay! Yea yea yea!! Woohoohoo! I am doing a happy dance right now because it is Friday. And it has been a long week. And I am very ready for this weekend.

Wednesday night Justin and I headed up to Spokane for the Jason Aldean concert in our brand new truck! We were fortunate enough to be able to trade in Justin's leased truck for the newest nicest version with almost the same payment. Justin was seriously like a kid on Christmas. He keeps reminding me that this is for us and not just for him. I made him prove this to me by letting me have the number 1 seat setting. Good deal. =)

The concert was pretty great. Thomas Rhett and Jake Owen opened for him and they were both really good too. Like I have previously mentioned, Justin is not the biggest country fan so I was a little worried he wouldn't enjoy himself but he had a great time. We also realized that it was our first concert together! We think. If anyone knows differently and can shed some light on this for us... please let us know.

I struggled through my day Thursday drinking loads of coffee and eating tons of candy to try to stay awake on 5ish hours of sleep. I also gave one of my students a War Head. Remember those candies? It was hilarious. He loved it... it wasn't like I tortured him, but it was soo funny. This is also the student that calls me Mrs. Hallmark. And I have no idea why.

I came home from work and painted my nails in anticipation for Vandal Homecoming!!!

I will be heading to Moscow today after work to spend time with my siblings, see friends and kappas, and have a mighty good time. I. Am. So. Excited.

Go Vandals, go mighty Vandals!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Fall Wreath

As promised! I'm here with a DIY post on how to make this darling fall wreath!

So I have a slight obsession with wreaths. I love making them and I love how they look on the door. It is my goal to have a wreath for every season and occasion so that I can have a wreath on my door every day of the year! So it was about time I add a fall wreath to my collection!

What you will need:

  • grapevine wreath- I happened to have one of these already but even if you didn't you can pick one up from Michaels for about 5 dollars.
  • a few leaf bundles- I tried to get one mostly red, one mostly orange, and one mostly yellow. These are on sale right now at m Michaels and I only paid .79 each.
  • a letter of your choosing- Only $1.99
  • thin crafting wire
  • Some burlap ribbon- I got a whole spool for $3.50.
  • hot glue gun

I also used mod podge, glitter, and glitter blast (it's like hairspray for glitter, helps keep it in place), but you don't have to do the glitter if you aren't human don't like glitter.

And for those of you keeping up that is a whopping total of $7.86, everything else I already had!

I first glittered up my letter M by painting it with mod podge and then evenly coating it in gold glitter. I then did a layer of glitter blast and let it sit to dry while I worked on the rest of the wreath.

I cut all of the leaves off of the little bundles. Isn't that pretty!?

I started gluing on the leaves and then after a few leaves I would make a loop of the burlap ribbon and glue that on too. If the wreath was a clock face, I started the leaves at about the 8 and layered them in to about 4 or 5 where I wanted the M to go. Then I went up to about 1 or 2 and did the same process coming down until the leaves all met. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the glueing on of the leaves. I got really into it and spaced it.

Before I attached the M, I lifted up the wreath to make sure there weren't any areas that needed to be filled in a little more and to make sure everything was glued down well.

I flipped the M over and glued two pieces of wire to the back.

Then I positioned the M where I wanted it and wrapped the wires around the wreath, twisting them together to fasten the M in place. I tried to hide the wires in the leaves as best as I could.

And voilĂ ! All finished!

I love it!

If you decide to make one or did a fall wreath at all, I'd love to see it! Happy crafting lovelies!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

For having a weekend with nothing going on, we sure did a lot!!

Friday night we ordered in Thai food and watched Breaking Bad. It was so nice and relaxing and wonderful.

Saturday we got up early to help with my school's Regal Run. This is a little run around our neighborhood park where the kids stop at stations and recite an "I can" statement based on an important character trait.

Justin and Doodle helped out and our station's character trait was Service.

Before the race got started we had our sign up and were waiting and a little old lady stopped and asked if we could perform some services doing work at her house. We had to explain to her what we were doing... It was kind of funny. =)

When we got home I made this beautiful fall wreath!

I just love it! It turned out just how I wanted it to and it looks great on my front door! I'm going to do a DIY post about it tomorrow so stay posted for that!

Then, Justin's mom and I decided to try out a recipe and make homemade pesto gnocchi! It was really fun and pretty darn good too! Post on how to do that soon too. Wow, I'm promising so many posts here, I hope I can keep up!

Then Justin and I met up with some friends and headed out to a big country bar for the night. I love country but had never been to this establishment because Justin is not the biggest country fan. And when I say not the biggest fan I mean he absolutely does not love it! But we've got to get him ready for that country concert on Wednesday night! Jason Aldean here we come!

Sunday we took advantage of Dairy Queen's buy one get one for 99 cents blizzard deal, and it was delicious. And we watched more Breaking Bad, of course. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Six Things!

Twice in 1 week! I told you I'd be getting better at this!

First of all... TGIF! But I also have 6 things to share with you all.

1. I just saw a commercial that The Little Mermaid is coming out of the vault in October! What what?! Just another reason why I'm loving fall! The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies ever, and plays into why I call my grandparents Ama and Doppy. I need to have it. And you know how Disney doesn't like to keep them out there for long! Gotta snatch that up!

little mermaid gifs photo: little mermaid little-mermaid_a_GIFSoupcom.gif

2. Some friends from school and I got together after meetings today to get a drink and relax a little. It was so nice to see them all in a non-work setting, and also enjoy good food and drinks! The restaurant we went to is (in a van) down by the river (just kidding ;)) and the ducks were all up in our business!! I didn't mind though, they were kinda cute.

3. I am so excited to have a weekend of doing nothing! There has been some sort of event going on for us for the last eighty (maybe a slight exaggeration) weekends! I am so ready to have a weekend of sleeping in, relaxing, watching SNL, and just hanging out with my Snig.

4. Speaking of Snig! Snig is a nickname Justin and I have for each other. It often gets switched up to different variations as well including sniggy, snigs, snug, snugs, sniggle, the list goes on. I know... we're gross... feel free to excuse yourself if you need to throw up. ANYWAY! A good friend of ours was at a garage sale and found this gem.

"An Exciting Game of Strategy and Chance"
He was kind enough to pick it up for us. We haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but it's on the To Do list for this weekend.

5. Are there any iPhone lovers out there reading? How do you guys feel about the update? Do you feel like it's a little retro feel like I do? Or are you one of the crazies out there standing in line with my husband to get the brand new iPhone 5s? Some things I really like, some things I'm still getting used to. But it sure is bright and pretty!

6. I have been loving a lot of songs lately! Let's get our Friday started with some jams!

Safe And Sound by Capital Cities on Grooveshark

Holy Grail by Jay-Z ft Justin Timberlake on Grooveshark

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

And of course I've got to throw one country song in there! I'm going to see Jason Aldean on Wednesday, so be looking forward to a fun recap on that!

That's my Kind of Night by Luke Bryan on Grooveshark

Have a happy weekend you all!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Recent Life Happenings and a Little Brain Vomit

Whoa you all. It has been too long. I'm going to get better at this blogging and working thing... I promise.

I've been pretty busy with work but also with some super fun things.

Thursday Doodle got a hair cut. You guys... this is something we do because it is necessary. Not something we do because we think he looks good this way... He grows out in a few weeks and looks super cute again. I promise.

So sad. 
Shadow also got a haircut. Yes, we give our cat a haircut, and yes she loves it. Bible.

Boots with the fur...
Also on Thursday my MIL and I went to a Bachelorette dinner for our yoga instructor and friend. It was at The Wine Cellar which is a really cool restaurant in downtown Coeur d'Alene. We had the top floor to ourselves and we had such a blast.

While at dinner we all went around and gave the bride-to-be our best piece of marriage advice. It was so great to be able to give advice as a married woman!! But also so nice to hear advice for myself as well! Some key notes... Pray. Pray with your husband, pray for your husband, pray for patience, and love, and just pray. Also remember how you felt on your wedding day and all of the reasons you got married and love your husband. Also, keep that fire alive!

Friday Justin and I decided to have a night staying in, just us two. We made eggplant parmesan for dinner, yum. And when I say we I actually mean Justin made it and I read him the recipe. We also watched some of our favorite TV shows... including about 5 episodes of The League. Do you guys watch this? Oh my goodness I think it's so funny. It's definitely kind of a man show and can sometimes be a little bit raunchy but if your man wants to watch it, give in. You'll get points for letting him pick the TV show, and its actually really funny. And it's on Netflix! Win.

On Saturday my MIL and I had a total girls day. We went to yoga in the morning and then spent the day sipping wine and getting ready for a wedding that night. The wedding was at a church at Gonzaga University and was so amazing.

It was such a beautiful and fun night spent with good people having such a great time and celebrating a great couple.

Sunday was spent recovering, and thats about it. Oh, and mourning the Niners loss.

I don't want to talk about it.

In other news it's 100 days away from Christmas today so that's great. I almost want to make one of those paper count down chains but I'll hold back... at least until after Thanksgiving.

Also, as much as I love fall... it was dark tonight when I got out of yoga. At 7:45. This is the first time this has happened and it made me a little sad. But then the new Miley song was on the radio and that made it a little better. Speaking of... I'm loving that song, but why do her videos have to be so weird?! Miley... why do you have to lick random things and have your tongue out all the time?

When did this become a thing? I don't like it.

Well that's all for now... enough brain vomit for one night.

Happy Monday loves!