Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sawyer Tidbits

Sawyer is about to be a big brother! I can hardly believe it! But before the little nugget arrives I wanted to focus a little on Sawyer and how great he is doing!

Sawyer Jay, my love,
You are getting so big! You are sleeping in a big boy bed now. You generally come in to bed with us sometime between 3-6 but we don't mind. We love our morning cuddle sessions. (Except when you're repeatedly kicking me in the face). You'll wake up and scooch over to me and then say, "daddy cuddle!" Once you have us all cuddled up you say, "Mommy and Daddy and Sawyer and *little brother's name*," with the happiest little smile on your face. You'll include Doodle and Shadow in that line up too if you can see them around. 

You are just going to be the best big brother. You are such a good cousin and friend to baby Charlee and Kennedy already. Whenever they cry you are running to find them a toy or a lovey or binky. It's the sweetest. I'm so excited to see you meet your little brother. You love to hug and kiss my belly and talk to your little brother. I am constantly trying to get you to feel him but you have no patience for that. You are busy busy busy! 
You love to run and jump. You ask us to run up and down the hallway with you all the time and are constantly jumping off of the furniture! We are going to put you in soccer, gymnastics, and swimming this spring and summer, hopefully that'll burn up some of your energy! 
You are such a great pretender. You love to pretend you are super man, or a mermaid, or recently you like pretending you are the "bad guy" and you run around saying "hu-yaw!" And swinging your arms! I think this came about from the movie Mulan, for some reason the bad guy in this movie is so interesting to you. At one part he pops over the side of the roof upside down and says boo! You think this part is so funny and you laugh and say, "Mommy, I'm bad guy" and you put your head down like you're going to do a summersault and say boo! And then you laugh at yourself and say, goof ball! You crack me up at the new things you say and come up with every single day. You love to cuddle and watch movies Mulan, Frozen, Elmo, and Moana are some of your favorites right now. You love to sing and dance to all of the songs and you know the words to most of them! You love books. The How Do Dinosaur books and the Llama Llama books are your favorites. 

You are potty trained!! You randomly saw a little potty at the store one day (when I had been trying every now and then to get you to use the big potty with the little seat with no success whatsoever) and you were really interested so we got it and you actually picked it up really quickly! Thanks to Gigi being here all last week for baby Charlee you got to stay home and play with her and Haylee instead of going to daycare and I think that really made it stick! You get so proud of yourself and bounce around on your toes when we cheer for you! 
You are quite the eater when you want to be, and like your momma you love you some breakfast foods! Oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, and fruit are among your favorites. You're a little more picky about dinner items but you love chicken nuggets, pizza, quesadillas, macaroni and cheese, and grilled chicken with balsamic dressing on it! Hahaha such a silly kid. 

You are able to say your full name but when we ask how hold you are you always say 4. You are able to count to 9 perfectly by yourself and probably up to 20 with a little assistance. You know that letters have names. You point to them and say different letters but you only correctly name the letter A so far. Listening to you attempt to sing the ABCs is one of my favorite things. 
I love you so much my baby. Thank you for making me a mommy. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

32 Weeks with Baby #2

What a different experience this pregnancy has been. I look back on my pregnancy with Sawyer and while I'm sure there were times I really enjoyed, I remember it mostly with uncomfortableness and stress and anxiousness and just overall wanting it to be over and have him be here! I had a lot of back pain and sciatic nerve pain with Sawyer, the constant movement made me feel sick and when he moved up towards my ribs the shortness of breath made me feel panicky... Like I couldn't get enough air. We were also building our house through Sawyer's pregnancy and that brought its own stresses with it.

This time has been different... I think because I know what to expect more. The movements and shortness and breath have still been there, obviously. But I have tried to be more calm about it and understand that they are happening because there's a sweet little baby growing inside of me! I have tried to stop and remind myself what a blessing it is that I am experiencing and am trying to stop and "smell the roses" so to speak.

I am also dealing with a little bit of internal struggle with the fact that Sawyer will not be the baby anymore. I saw this post on the internet the other night had a little meltdown over it. I'm trying to stay calm about the whole thing and remind myself what everyone says about your heart growing and your ability to love both of your children being so amazing and all of that. I'm also going to try to have scheduled Sawyer time once the new baby gets here where it can be just him and I for a little bit. Even if its just 30 minutes while Daddy does bath time or something like that. Moms of multiple children go ahead and chime in now and tell me its all going to be ok.

How far along: 32 Weeks
Baby is the size of: a squash. About 17 inches long and 3.75 pounds. 
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: About 20 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Yes of course. But now that it's so cold here I'm basically rotating through the same 5 outfits... kind of getting old. 
Stretch Marks: A few new ones are popping up but mostly my old ones are just getting a little more noticeable. 
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well. I usually need to get up once to go to the bathroom but do well other than that. 
Miss Anything: Perhaps just moving and breathing normally.
Movement: Yes, constantly. He's starting to move up into my ribs now too. 
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really... I am liking sweets again, when I wasn't liking them at the beginning.
Queasy or sick: Every once in awhile the movements take me off guard and I feel a little queasy, but overall still feeling good! 
Looking forward to: His arrival! And also the nursery being completely finished. My sisters and I have been working hard on it and mostly got it all finished over my Christmas break but there are still a few last minute things I want to finish up.