Friday, August 21, 2015

10 months old!

Sawyer turned 10 months old on the 14th! So I'm a little late on the post, I know. But we were in Tacoma for a while visiting family, and now we're back. So better late then never! I will be posting soon about our little vacay!

He tried to get the sticker off the second I put it on him!

Sawyer at 10 months! Phew! Where do I begin?! He is a busy little guy, that is for sure! He is always moving, trying to climb things, and talking! 

This last month he has learned some new skills! Sawyer can climb the stairs now (scary)! He can stand up on his own (when he chooses to)! He dances, covers his head to play peek a boo, grew another tooth, and sometimes will sign please!

He is talking more and more! He has been saying mama for awhile now, but I'm not convinced it counts as his first word. Doesn't he have to know what it means for it to count?! He also says baba and something else that sounds a lot like bye when he waves good bye to you. And when I say waves good bye I actually mean puts his arm out in a Hitler like motion without moving his fingers or hand at all. We're working on that.

Sawyer has gone through a growth spurt! We were doing so well in the 6-9 month clothing, I really thought we were going to make it to the fall! But I got out some of his 12 month jammies because his 9 month ones were just getting a little too snug, and they are already almost too small! I don't know what happened. Maybe he stretched out the 9 month ones so much that they are actually closer to 12 month size now? Who knows. But we are probably going to skip right over 12 month clothes and go straight to 18 mo. Crazy!

We are also going through a little bit of stranger danger and just overall afraid-ness. (That's a word, right?!) Which is strange because he has always been mister fearless! But somethings that used to not scare him at all (the lawnmower, the shower turning on, and grandpa Elmo) are totally freaking him out! We don't get it at all!

Sawyer is a maniac in the food department! Man can this kid put it away! He eats pretty much everything now and can not get enough. His favorites are bread, cheese, chicken, beef, scrambled eggs, and pasta. He is starting to slow down on his bottles, and it is sometimes a struggle to get him to finish them. We also are officially done breastfeeding/pumping. My milk supply was really diminishing, and with me going back to school soon, it was the right time for us to stop. Sawyer doesn't seem to mind at all, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy to have my body back.

Sawyer's favorite things are the bath, tearing every item off of his shelves, feeding himself, opening and closing doors, and his daddy. Sawyer and I were in Tacoma for two weeks and seeing those two reunited was just the cutest thing. They have such a special connection. 

When we were in Tacoma Sawyer had a little bit of a runny nose and it developed into quite the fever that hit 104 after 3 days and took us to the ER at 3am one morning. It was pretty scary for me, but my happy guy still had a smile on his face most of the time and we left with an antibiotic and some pedialyte and he got a lot better after that!

I know this looks like such a goofy face, but I couldn't help but include it because it is just so Sawyer. He makes this face and yells ahhahhahhahhahhahh and bounces up and down. It just cracks me up.

Sawyer also loves to give kisses! He will grab your face and just dive in with his mouth open and slobber everywhere. It seriously melts my heart. There's a flipagram of it on my instagram if you want to die of cuteness. ;)


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