Thursday, May 25, 2017

3 month old Theo

Theo I can't believe you are 3 months old already! You are getting so big and such a little joy. Here's a little bit about you at 3 months: 
You are so happy and smiley. Basically all anyone needs to do is look at you and say hi and you give them the biggest cheesiest grin. Even though your smiles are pretty easy to earn, the laughs are hard to come by! Kiki made you laugh for the first time at the beginning of the month and it wasn't until Daddy's birthday, almost two weeks later, before you did it again! They're still not a regular thing, but we are obsessed when we do get one! 

You love playing patty cake. You love your brother. Any attention from him gets the happiest smiles and coos in response. You love your changing table. You just flap your arms and kick like crazy. And you love your bouncy chair. Sometimes in the evening before bedtime you prefer to chill there then to have anyone holding you. 
You are still so spitty! I always need to have a burprag near by or have a bib on you. Ruining cute outfits on the daily. 
You have rolled over a handful of times but I don't think there's any skill involved yet. Just pure anger and luck that's doing it for you! 

Your legs are getting so strong! You love to push yourself off the arm of the couch when you're nursing and you're starting to be able to hold up some weight when we put you in a standing position. 
You also are able to sit in the bumbo now. Your neck is just a little bit wobbly still, but you mostly got it!
You were baptized the weekend before last and it was so special! Your godparents Karissa and Krieg were there to celebrate with us, along with some of our friends and family. You were so good through the service and the actual baptism and when Father Rodger poured the water over your head you got the sweetest little smile on your face! It was like you knew what was happening and could just feel the holy spirit coming to live in you. It made my heart so happy. 

This month you are officially bigger than your (1 month older) cousin Charlee! We had to pass our extra size 1 diapers diapers down to her, and I have a feeling that will be the trend. You are mostly in 3-6 month clothes now. Some of your 0-3 month jammies still fit and most of the onesies still do but definitely none of the pants or shorts! 
You were sleeping through the night like a champion (10pm-7am) but mom went and messed with your schedule and now you are sleeping 7pm to 4am, quick snack and then back down until 7ish. 

We all just love you so much and feel so blessed that you are apart of our family!