Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dear 18 month old Sawyer

First off.. I have to give a little shoutout to my (probably only) faithful reader; Auntie Berta. She's been waiting for this blog post for some time and I keep procrastinating and dropping the ball! But thank you Auntie Berta for always reading and giving me the blogging bug again!

Oh Sawyer Jay. I wish I could freeze you at this age. I am slowly watching my baby grow up and turn into a smart, hilarious, feisty little boy.

 You are so stinking smart. And so inquisitive. You ask me, "What's that?!" To every single thing, and then the next time we see it you try and repeat what I told you it was. You watch me all throughout the day and then I'll find you copying little things that I do, like cleaning the cabinet fronts, or telling Doodle to get out of your room, or trying to fold your clothes.

You are going through a little bit of a nervous phase. Any new sound makes you extremely nervous. You'll make this funny little scared sound and look at me with a panicky face. I'll say, "Oh, thats not scary, it just an airplane (or a motorcycle, or the wind, or a noisy bird) and then we'll point to it and look at it, and then you'll be fine.

You love to be tickled and thrown in the air. You love to have mommy and daddy "eat" your neck and your belly and your toes. You laugh and laugh and then when we stop you say something that vaguely sounds like "again." I'll ask, "Again?" And you'll squeal, "Yea!" Always yea, never yes.

It's your job to feed Doodle and you take it very seriously. You also help set the table and it is so stinking cute. Running from the table back to me with your hands up, waiting for the next thing you can put on the table.

You love Elmo. LOVE. Of all the things I could possibly have guessed that you would be obsessed with I never would have guessed Elmo. You ask for Elmo videos all day long, and you have your favorite videos too. If I put the wrong one on, you'll let me know. You wake up in the morning and immediately ask for "Melmo." If I tell you that it's too early for Melmo, you then need to go outside. Immediately.

You would live outside if I let you. You love slides, and swings, and dirt, and rocks. Especially love rocks. You have skinned up knees, and bruises on your shins, and you don't shy away from bugs. You also love balls and basketball hoops. When we're at the park you love to go to the basketball courts and walk underneath the hoops. You love to be lifted up to touch the nets and you grin from ear to ear.

You are the apple of everyone's eye. At any given time you have 3-6 adults, sometimes more, completely doting on you. You are soo spoiled! It's seriously a problem. I just try so hard to make sure that you are at least using your manners, saying please and thank you. Your world is going to be rocked when your Auntie and Uncle move out. I'm trying to train you that you don't get to be picked up immediately upon saying, "Uppease" (up please), and that you don't get to eat any food item you see. In spite of that you're still pretty skinny. Your 18 month clothes are sometimes just a little bit too big for you, but anything smaller is too short.

We are thinking of putting you in swim lessons again soon, and probably gymnastics. You're so busy and active, I need to have plenty of things planned for this summer because you go a little stir crazy on days when we stay home all day.

You definitely have a feisty side and are already learning how to take a time out. You're a stubborn independent little man. I love it because I know that those are personality traits that will serve you well in life, but it sure does try our patience! Your Gigi tells me it's pay back for when I was your age.

We love you Sawyer. We are so thankful that God blessed up with your sweet feisty spirit.

Love, Mom