Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sawyer's Christmas Wish List

So obviously Sawyer is a little young to be wishing for things, the only things he really wishes for are food, and bottles, but these are the things I want for Sawyer this year, or maybe some things I know Santa is going to be bringing him. Because Santa and I... we're tight. 

1. Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story I have had my eye on this little set since before I was pregnant! I bought it for my nephew for his first Christmas, and I just think it's the cutest! It's something that we can continue to use year after year, and I love toys that also will teach Sawyer about the true meaning of Christmas. 

2. Power Wheels Ride-On Lil' Quad by Fisher-Price I know he's a little young for this right now, but common... Just picture him cruising around on it! How cute, right?!

3. Freshly Picked Green Camo Moccs I only hear amazing things about these shoes, and they are so cute too!

4. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set  Sawyer got a little basketball hoop for in the bath tub for his birthday. He loves it, and spends the majority of his bath time dunkin'. He's a natural. He is also obsessed with balls. Obsessed. And it's by far his favorite word. Every Christmas tree bulb is a "ball" that he wants to hold. Anyway... this seems the obvious choice for Sawyer's Santa present this year!

5. My First Crayola Scribbled Egg Crayons  He has started scribbling every now and then with chalk or crayons, or whatever I let him get ahold of. These cute little guys are egg shaped so they're easier for little hands to hold on to. They'll make a great stocking stuffer!

6. The Story of Christmas Books, books, books! I cannot get enough. Our library is overflowing and I still want more. But again, I am all about teaching the real meaning of Christmas and this book does a great job. We have The Story of Easter as well, and they're great!

7. Burt's Bees Jammies We started a tradition this year of matching family jammies! I am so stoked about it. Justin was skeptical at first but even he loves them. They are so comfy, and we all look great. I promise. Just wait and see. 

8. Santa is Coming to Idaho There are a few of these kinds of books (The Easter Bunny Comes to Idado, a Halloween one, and I think Thanksgiving too) and they are so fun. Santa stops by all of these Idaho specific landmarks, and even stops specifically in our city in our downtown park! I know this will be a fun book to read when Sawyer gets a little bit older. I also bought Santa is Coming to California for my Godson! I can't wait for him to read it!

9. Melissa and Doug Wooden Alphabet Magnets  I love the retro feel of all of the Melissa and Doug toys. And Sawyer needs some alphabet toys in his life!

What do you guys think? Is there anything not on this list that I totally need to get for my little man?! What is on the top of your kiddos' Christmas List?