Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sawyer Jay is 8 Months Old

Sawyer is 8 months old! And I feel like he is changing and developing so quickly! Everyday it seems as though he has mastered some new skill!

Sawyer is now officially crawling. He was doing that army crawl for so long, and sometimes goes back to it. But he does the traditional crawl too and he looks like such a big kid! He is also able to pull himself up on things, he is able to go from crawling to sitting, he walks when you hold onto his fingers, and sometimes tries to stand on his own, for about 3 seconds. We are super proud of him.

He gives the best kisses, but is not yet able to wave or clap. We're working on it though!

Sawyer is solidly in 6-9 month clothes, and I'm guessing we'll probably be in this size for most of the summer.

Sleeping through the night is touch and go. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't. But he just needs to be changed or be given his pacifier, and then he will go back to sleep.

He still only has 2 teeth. But I'm certain his upper right and next two bottom teeth will be here any day now!

We have a good little eater on our hands! Sawyer eats everything. We have tried most foods now and he loves it all. Some of his favorites are chicken, rice, cheese, and waffles. Yum yum! :)

The most accurate adjective to describe Sawyer is still wild. He is non stop moving. Go go go constantly. But it keeps us busy, and we love it.

We have been to the lake a couple of times and we have a little kiddie pool in the backyard, and Sawyer loves it! He loves the water! We are going to start swim lessons soon!

Sometimes, it's rare, but it does happen, I will get some snuggles from him, and it just completely melts my heart. We love this little man so much, and are just loving watching him grow into his own little self!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Things

Yea yea yea, I know. It's been awhile. Let's just skip right over the excuses! Lots has been going on, let's jump right in! 

1. Schools Out for Summer! (singing)
I had a crazy busy spring and last couple of weeks, but it is over now and I am so happy! I can't wait to spend the summer relaxing and playing with Sawyer Jay.

2. Graduations!
So many graduates in my family this year! In May Veronica graduated from U of I! So proud of her for kicking but and getting her degree finished in 4 years while holding a job the whole time too! She is a force to be reckoned with... so watch out world!
Abigaile graduated 8th grade! She received The Presidential Academic Award, and also a special award for her achievements in Social Studies. What a little smarty pants.
My bestie Erica graduated with her Masters this weekend too! Whoa!
And then... my mom graduated from TCC with her Associates! My mom has been taking evening classes while still running a household, and nannying! She has been working so hard and graduated with honors and I am so proud of her! You go Momma!

3. Beer Olympics!
We hosted our 4th Annual Beer Olympics! It was the 1st big event we had at our new house and it was a blast! And we had to figure it all out without any lawn (we hydro-seeded and couldn't walk on our grass yet). One of my very best friends was able to come in, I love getting to spend time with her, so that was wonderful! And then my brother took it all! So so fun. So much fun that I didnt get very many pictures... sorry bout that.

4. Tacoma!
When school got out Veronica, Sawyer, and I road tripped to Tacoma to spend a week with my Family over there. Justin, Chad, and Nikkie joined us for the weekend for a fun BBQ and for the graduation. We played a lot of life sized Jenga, we went to the Zoo, we drank some delicious Pear Martinis, I visited friends, and we kayaked and paddle boarded! It was such a fun week!

5. I chopped off my hair!
When I was in Tacoma I had a friend who is going to cosmetology school cut and dye my hair! We did an a line and a little ombre action and I love it!