Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Oh what a wonderful weekend! First of all, let it be noted that the Vandals won! This doesn't happen all that often so for it to happen over Homecoming when I was there to witness it was extra awesome!

There were so many things about this weekend and homecoming that I had totally forgotten about, and that I totally love.

I love how the band walks through Greek Row the morning of the game and goes into the houses to sing the fight song and get everyone pumped up.

I love how you can scream, "Who do we hate?!" pretty much anywhere in the city and immediately be answered back by, "Boise State!"

I love how the Homecoming Queen and King stand on the bar of our beloved Corner Club and sing the fight song.

I love the Kappa house and how being there brings back so many stories and memories that I hadn't thought about it so long.

I love the excitement in the entire city on Saturday and then the total feel of a town that is suffering from a massive hangover on Sunday.

And of course I love getting to spend time with friends and family that I adore and do not get to see nearly as much as I should.

Nothing like a tub from the Corner Club!

Yellow North Face Besties

Baby Flaher <3

Kappa Scholarship Key
So many friends on here!

Two precious Kappa Alumni leaving the Kappa, holding hands, after touring the house. <3

Brother <3

Siblings! Miss you Snail.

Double Sisters

Little Little
Oh Moscow how I already miss you! See you soon!

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