Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Fall Wreath

As promised! I'm here with a DIY post on how to make this darling fall wreath!

So I have a slight obsession with wreaths. I love making them and I love how they look on the door. It is my goal to have a wreath for every season and occasion so that I can have a wreath on my door every day of the year! So it was about time I add a fall wreath to my collection!

What you will need:

  • grapevine wreath- I happened to have one of these already but even if you didn't you can pick one up from Michaels for about 5 dollars.
  • a few leaf bundles- I tried to get one mostly red, one mostly orange, and one mostly yellow. These are on sale right now at m Michaels and I only paid .79 each.
  • a letter of your choosing- Only $1.99
  • thin crafting wire
  • Some burlap ribbon- I got a whole spool for $3.50.
  • hot glue gun

I also used mod podge, glitter, and glitter blast (it's like hairspray for glitter, helps keep it in place), but you don't have to do the glitter if you aren't human don't like glitter.

And for those of you keeping up that is a whopping total of $7.86, everything else I already had!

I first glittered up my letter M by painting it with mod podge and then evenly coating it in gold glitter. I then did a layer of glitter blast and let it sit to dry while I worked on the rest of the wreath.

I cut all of the leaves off of the little bundles. Isn't that pretty!?

I started gluing on the leaves and then after a few leaves I would make a loop of the burlap ribbon and glue that on too. If the wreath was a clock face, I started the leaves at about the 8 and layered them in to about 4 or 5 where I wanted the M to go. Then I went up to about 1 or 2 and did the same process coming down until the leaves all met. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the glueing on of the leaves. I got really into it and spaced it.

Before I attached the M, I lifted up the wreath to make sure there weren't any areas that needed to be filled in a little more and to make sure everything was glued down well.

I flipped the M over and glued two pieces of wire to the back.

Then I positioned the M where I wanted it and wrapped the wires around the wreath, twisting them together to fasten the M in place. I tried to hide the wires in the leaves as best as I could.

And voilĂ ! All finished!

I love it!

If you decide to make one or did a fall wreath at all, I'd love to see it! Happy crafting lovelies!


  1. I bought a fall wreath at the thrift shop that I am going to jazz up for my front door too! I loved your tutorial though, it gave me a couple ideas to use when I get around to my wreath - hopefully I'll have a DIY post up soon too! Keep up the good blogging inspiration!

    1. Yay! So glad you liked it and like my blog! =) And I can't wait to see your wreath!