Monday, January 28, 2013

A Not So Awful Monday

Normally I hate Mondays. But as I sit here waiting for Justin to make Brave appear on my TV I find myself being very grateful. And happy.

First of all I had a great weekend. It was the first weekend in a long time where Justin and I didn't have any appointments, plans, or engagements. We just relaxed and did what we wanted to do. We saw two movies at the theatre; Zero Dark Thirty, and Silver Linings Playbook. Both were really good. We went out to eat twice, at Red Robin (Yumm!) and and Moon Time, and we got FroYo twice. My fave.

But probably the most exciting part of our weekend, we got to meet and spend time with our brand new nephew, Ryan Andrew Minert. Also known as Baby RAM! =) He is absolutely so wonderful and we love him so much already.
Seriously how cute does he look holding that adorable baby?!
Such a cutie baby! Good job Andrew and Cassy!
Also, while we were comparing Andrew's baby pictures to his new son, I found this little gem.

This is Justin holding his little brother, in case you couldn't tell. Presh.

As for today... yes, I had to work, and then had to go to a meeting until 6. But when I got home Justin was already making me dinner, now I get to watch Brave, AND The Bachelor is on tonight. It doesn't get much better than this! 

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