Wednesday, February 27, 2013

President's Day

For President's Day weekend Justin and I decided to go snowmobiling with my dad in Ashton. Once word got around that this was happening a lot of people jumped in and pretty soon it was a full on event. Justin's parents started the drive Friday afternoon with their dog Jax. Veronica, Chad, Chloe, and Remmy followed them a few hours later, and Justin, Doodle and I left town after that. Once we all got there we had a full house with 9 people and 3 dogs!

Saturday was booked full with an awesome snowmobiling trip put together by my dad. Justin and his family had never been before so we were excited to show them all about it! On our way out to the trailhead we crossed the path where the annual dog sled race was going on. So we stopped and waited. It happened to be the team that was in last place but we were still pretty excited.

Aren't the dogs so much smaller then you'd think?!

Our snowmobiling trip took us about 20 miles and past Mesa Falls which is just beautiful. I had seen it  a lot of times before but never in the snow. It was great. 

This picture was supposed to have the falls in the background... our photographer obviously did a great job! =) But you can kind of see them through the trees over Justin's head. 

The whole group!

We stopped and had lunch in a town that we went through before heading back to Ashton. It was a really great time, and we all had a lot of fun. 

That night my dad hired a band for the bar so we all went out and danced the night away. There's a really great video of me and my dad just tearing up the dance floor but I'm not sure that needs to be posted to the internet! =)

On Sunday we all just relaxed and hung out before driving home on Monday. 

Here's Vern and my fluff dog cuddling on the way home. We stopped in Missoula on the way for lunch at Fudruckers. It's a really cool burger place that I totally recommend. We all really enjoyed it except for when I accidentally knocked over a huge stack of plastic cups. It was quite embarrassing. Other than that though, it was a wonderful trip and we all had so much fun! 

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