Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sawyer at 4 Months

A few people have pointed out to me that I'm a little late on my 4 month update! But I have a good excuse! We moved! Our house is finished, and we spent Valentine's Day moving into our new house. It has been such a whirlwind and we have been so busy but we are getting settled and so so happy!

Now on to Sawyer Jay! 

Sawyer had his 4 month appointment Wednesday (another reason I was waiting!). He is 26 inches tall (88th percentile) and weighs 14 lbs 1 oz (30th percentile). So we have a little string bean on our hands! I was a little surprised because I really feel like he has been getting chubby and "bulking up." But apparently not. The doctor isn't worried, he says that because he has been in a low percentile since he was born, he's not worried about the percentile going up, as long as he continues to gain weight and sticks to his growth curve, which he is doing!

But we are going to try to fatten him up by upping his ounces per bottle and trying to start baby cereal soon! Upping his ounces per bottle is a little discouraging for me though... Right now Sawyer is exclusively drinking my pumped breastmilk. I'm not quite producing enough for him each day but we are able to use some frozen supply that I built up before I went back to work, and it's been working just fine. But now with upping his ounces per bottle, I'm afraid I'm just not going to be able to keep up and we are going to have to start compensating with formula. I know that tons of moms use formula and I shouldn't be disappointed. It's just hard for me because I really envisioned him only on breastmilk. I'm planning another post on my feelings on breastfeeding, so we'll stop there for now. 

He is still wearing 0-3 month onesies. But everything else is now 3-6 months. The onesies are just a little too wide for him still and he looks like he's swimming in them!

Sawyer is a great little sitter! He loves to sit up and watch what is going on. In daycare he is content to sit in the high chairs while the other kids have snack, as long as he can sit up there with them and watch. He also loves to sit in his bumbo and watch me cook! 

This last month Sawyer contracted RSV. The poor little guy was coughing so hard that he was throwing up and was getting no sleep due to all the coughing. AND THEN it turned into an ear infection! Goodness. It was horrible. The good news is that he is now doing a lot lot better, and we're hoping that we're just building up his immunities! ;)

He laughs pretty consistently now, and can be tickled. It is the cutest thing. He also loves being "tossed" in the air, playing airplane, and being held upside down. Those things are sure to get at least a little giggle out of him.

Before his cold Sawyer was sleeping through the night every night consistently. It was glorious. Since then, we are usually waking up once. He doesn't need to be fed, so it's not horrible, but we usually have to go in and shush him back to sleep and put his pacifier back.

Sawyer is such a smiley baby! Everyone talks about how happy and smiley he is! Even when he had his ear infection, his mood didn't really change! 

Sawyer and I have been taking a Mommy Baby Barre class! There are about 12 moms and babies taking it, and it is seriously so cute. I love that I am getting a work out in, but I don't have to miss out on any time with him!

He has discovered that he can make noise. He is a little jibber jabberer and is constantly talking to us. He also discovered his toes, and when he is not talking, he's usually trying to get his toes in his mouth. 

We just love our little Soy Bean and cannot believe how fast he is growing and the changes we see! His little personality is really blossoming and it is just so fun. 

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