Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby M #2: Will you be a he or a she?

Look at me go! Two posts in two weeks! We are finding out the sex of our baby tomorrow and we are so excited! We did a little wives tales post before we found out Sawyer was a boy. The results were a little inconclusive then... tied 6 to 6. But this time it's leaning a little more one way...

Bulge: Out front says boy, in hips and back says girl. I think girl for this one. I keep saying how i feel like belly isn't as big this time as it was with Sawyer. I was kinda thrown by it until I just read this! It kinda makes sense to me now, I think I'm carrying in my hips more, so that must be girl! ;)

Belly Looks Like: Basketball says boy, Watermelon says girl. Watermelon… Girl

Heartbeat: Above 140 says girl, below says boy. At our first appointment the heart rate was 179, 146 at the second. (Sawyer's were 170 and 145 in comparison.) 

Looks: More beautiful than normal means boy, less than normal, girl. I definitely say girl on this one. 

Urine: Bright means boy, dull means yellow. Girl

Wedding Ring: In circles means boy, sideways means girl. Boy

Cravings: Salty and Sour means boy, Sweet means girl. Boy. All I have craved at all is Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins. 

Current age + Month of Conception: even means boy, odd means girl. 32, Boy

Chinese Calendar: Girl

Justin thinks: Girl? (The question mark is there on purpose. That's the answer I got when I asked Justin, "Honest, what does your gut tell you?"

I think: Girl

Boy: 3

Girl: 8

My main reasoning for thinking it's a girl is just that this pregnancy feels so much different then I did with Sawyer. I know that isn't always an indicator, but It's what my gut is telling me! Our appointment is tomorrow afternoon, then we'll be doing a little gender reveal after that and then announcing to the world! Stay tuned! 

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  1. Hope your appointment goes well and you find out for sure! I was thinking I was having a boy up until our appointment, and we found out it was a girl. So surprising, and I was so excited!