Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Theo at 2 months

Theodore  James you are the perfect little addition to our family. You are so go-with-the-flow and chill. You almost never fuss and when you do you are so easy to soothe. 

We had your 2 month appointment today and you are growing like a weed. You are now 13 lbs 12.5 oz (94th percentile) and 23.75 inches (95th percentile). Big healthy boy!

You love to nurse but are also taking the bottle just fine which is great so momma can have a little fun every now and then too! 

Your eyes are still blue and your 2 little strawberry patches (one right on the back of your neck where Sawyer's was and one a little higher on the back of your head) are all still completely there. And I don't think they'll be going anywhere soon. 

I thought you had a third and fourth on your right wrist and the top of your head but we found out at your appointment today that those are most likely small hemangiomas. They will most likely get bigger and then disappear on their own. 

You are officially grown out of newborn clothes, you actually probably were right after you turned 1 month old, and are wearing a size 1 diaper (although you should probably be in size 2, I'm just not ready to think of you as being that big yet).

Even though you don't love to nap, you are a great sleeper at night time and are already sleeping from 10pm to 6am most nights. 

You are sooo close to laughing! I will tickle you and kiss you and you smile and grunt at me and I can just tell it's right there. I can't wait! You actually giggled on Easter in your sleep and it was the cutest thing ever. I cannot wait to hear that sound on the regular. 

You also are quite the little roller! Not completely by yourself but if I put you in a "pushup" position for tummy time you flip right over!

You love your bouncy chair and are content to sit there with the vibration on and just take in the craziness going on around you. You love your binky too, and are now decent at keeping it in. 

You went on your first road trip to visit Gigi, Pop, and Auntie Abbie when you were 5 weeks old and you were a champ... slept the whole time there and the whole way back! 

We love you so much Theo and are loving watching little bits of your personality grow. We just cannot get enough! 

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