Saturday, November 1, 2014


I love Halloween! It's so fun, and really one of my favorite holidays. I love a good excuse to wear a costume. Back when I was still pregnant I asked Justin what we should be for Halloween this year. His reply: "parents." Ok, good point. Not the most fun idea, but with Sawyer only being a few weeks old, I wasn't sure what our plans would be. But just because I wouldn't be dressing up, that does not mean that Sawyer couldn't! I found him a costume before he was even born and I was so excited to put him in it yesterday morning!

Well we decided that it was the perfect excuse to show off Baby M at my school! About 5 minutes before we are set to leave Sawyer spits up on his costume. Great. But oh well, he's a baby. Babies spit up. I wiped him up best I could and finished my breakfast. Then, right when I picked him up to put him in his carseat, he pees through his outfit and is literally dripping pee on the floor. I had to strip him down, wash his little consume, and throw it in the dryer. Resulting in us being 45 minutes late to school. But really, how could I have taken him without his costume!?

After we sufficiently showed him off, we ran some errands and then headed home. We had a few hours to kill before meeting up with some other friends to trick or treat at the mall (we're big partiers now that we have a baby ;)). Anyway, with about an hour until departure time… Sawyer poops through his outfit. I swear… this kid is determined to not wear this costume! But don't worry, I got it cleaned up and dried in time for him to wear it to our next event!

Here are some fun pictures from our Halloween festivities over the last couple of days!!

We carved pumpkins and made pizza and caramel apples with family on Thursday night!

And the infamous costume!

Hope you all had a happy, fun Halloween!!

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  1. You are such a trooper! Peed & pooped through his costume in one day and you still re-told it with such a smile (because obviously I could see your smile!). He's already so big and so cute! Happy (late) Halloween!