Thursday, November 13, 2014

One Month of Sawyer Jay

Sawyer is one month old! I can't even believe it. He has already changed so much since he was born. Here are some tidbits about our little man.

Sawyer has such a strong neck! He supports his head so well already. He also has super strong legs. All the nurses comment on it. When I am feeding him he will kick and push himself off the armrest. You can also hold him up in a standing position and he pushes off, supporting himself.

He is so alert and loves to look around. He does not like to be held facing towards you, he wants to be able to look out towards everyone to see whats going on.

He is obsessed with ceiling fans and lights. He finds it as soon as we enter the room and is mesmerized by them.

He has the goofiest most adorable smiles. I have tried to capture them, and they don't do it justice at all. He also has the funniest facial expressions. He makes me laugh everyday.

His kisses. Oh my goodness I die. I kiss his little lips and he snaps his mouth open. I'm obsessed. I realize he's probably just rooting, but I don't care. It looks like he's kissing back, and I love it.

We are still deciding if we like the pacifier. Sometimes he loves it and it's the only thing that calms him down. And sometimes he looks so angry when I put it in his mouth, he spits it out and wants nothing to do with it. I thought he was going to be a finger/thumb sucker. He sucked on his fingers in the hospital and in the first couple days of his life, but he's not too interested in them anymore.

Sawyer is just now starting to grow out of newborn size clothes. The onesies still fit him well, but the pants are too short now, and the full body footsie jammies are starting to be a little too tight in the length.

When Sawyer was born he has no eyelashes and no eyebrows. His eyelashes have grown in really well, we're still working on the eyebrows.

Sawyer has a birthmark on the back of his neck right at the hair line. I thought maybe it was a stork bite that would go away, but it doesn't seem to be fading at all yet. It might be here to stay. It is red and looks like a little chain of islands.

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