Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Van Gogh and Merlot

Over the summer my MIL, my Grand-MIL (is that a thing), my sister, and I went to a Van Gogh and Merlot event. If you haven heard of this before, it's an instructional painting class where you also get to drink wine and have appetizers. We absolutely loved the event and when we heard you can also have them come to your house for a private party, we knew we had to do that.

My MIL hosted an event earlier this month and it was such a great time! There was great wine, great food, and great company! And Justin was on Sawyer duty so I could have a few glasses of wine! ;)

Last time I was a little uptight about how my painting turned out (probably because I was pregnant and didn't have the wine to help me relax) and I didn't love how my painting turned out. This time I went with a more relaxed attitude, and it turned out a lot better!

When you attend 5 classes you get a free Van Gogh and Merlot apron so we're already thinking about when we can go next!

My finished project!
What do you think?!

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