Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Wow Christmas really snuck up on me! When I started maternity leave Christmas seemed like the end of leave and also a million years away. I cannot believe how fast it has gone by!

We started off our holiday week with a super special event. Sawyer was baptized December 21st. It was such a special day and I am so glad that so much of our family could be there to celebrate this with us. I didn't get a picture of the whole group... Blogger fail. But we had quite the little section there supporting our little man.

Parents and Godparents

He was so great! He didn't cry at all, and I think he actually kind of liked it!

So fancy

After the baptism we headed down to Moscow to spend a few days with my family. Then we came back up to Coeur d'Alene to do Christmas Eve with our family here. We spent Christmas Eve Eve playing games and also finding out that my sister in law is going to have a little girl! On this side of the family Justin has no girl cousins, and so far there are only boy grandchildren, so it was a pretty big deal, and very exciting! 

We woke up Christmas Eve morning and had our traditional aebleskivers (yum) breakfast, opened presents, and had a relaxing day before a delicious ham dinner and then heading back to Moscow! Thank goodness we were lucky enough to have good weather for all of our traveling!

He loves it! =) 

On Christmas Day we woke up to our second set of stockings and more presents. We were definitely spoiled! We had a delicious prime rib roasted in rock salt (so delicious) for dinner! It was a wonderful day! 

We stayed on Moscow until Saturday and spent a lot of time watching movies, playing games, napping, and just spending time with my side of the family that we don't get to see that often! It was a great great vacation!

Rock Salt Prime Rib

Sawyer is really enjoying this... 

Cuddles with Uncle Chad!

First tub at the Corner Club together!

We sure do love this happy guy!

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