Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

The past two years I have done a review post and it's honestly one of my faves! I love to be able to look back at some of the best memories of the year! So here we go...

January: New Year's Day I went to Seattle for a girl's weekend with some of my best friends. It was so much fun. We also found out we were pregnant at the very end of the month, and told some of our family!

February: We hosted a super fun Superbowl party and told the rest of our family our big news!

March: My sister turned 21! We went on a fun Pub Pedal, and we got to announce to the world that we were expecting!

April: We moved in with my in-laws, celebrated Easter, and had the crappiest week.

May: What a fun month! We found out that we were expecting a boy! We hosted our 3rd Annual Beer Olympics, my MIL and I saw Wicked, Justin turned 27, and Justin and I went on a boat trip with my family!

June: We celebrated our first anniversary!

July: We celebrated Doodle's 2nd birthday with a full on puppy party! I made an awesome pie for 4th of July, and we signed papers making us official property owners!

August: I worked at Black Rock again this summer, but this time with Veronica at Kid's Camp. August was filled with fun days making melty bead princesses, swimming, and crafting. I also had a truly wonderful baby shower, and ate a LOT of watermelon. 

September: In September I went back to school. I also did a lot of my last minute baby prep! I also interviewed Justin Jay for one of my favorite blog posts. 

October: Of course the best month of our year... what we had been looking forward to since January, was October. Our Little Sawyer Jay arrived on October 14th! By far the best part of our entire year! =)

November: In November we finally felt like we came up for air after a whirlwind October! I turned 26 and we celebrated two wonderful Thanksgivings with so so much to be thankful for!

December: Wow, what a busy month! Justin graduated, earning his Bachelor's, Sawyer was baptized, and many Christmases were celebrated! 

2014 was an amazing year filled with the biggest blessing! I know that there are some exciting things coming in 2015 (like moving into our new house!) but it's going to be pretty hard to top 2014! But here's to trying! Wishing you all a year full of love and peace!

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  1. Amazing! That is a real rich and fulfilled time and more, with a boat ride to punctuate everything else. Whether you keep to the land or to the sea, there are always stuff to find out and rediscover, and keep all those solid pictures about. Thanks for sharing and congratulations with everything! All the best!

    Kent Garner @ White Marine Center