Monday, April 7, 2014

The Crappy Week

Oh hey, remember me? I used to blog here. Sorry about the leave of absence.

Last week was my spring break, and while that may sound like I should have tons of time for blogging, that was not the case.

Because our house (is almost finalized) sold, we decided that spring break would be a great time to move. Now some of you may know this, some may not, but we decided to save money for a little while, while we decide if we should build or buy, and live with Justin's parents.

Some people sound shocked and appalled when I say I'm moving in with my in-laws. Especially with a baby on the way. And while I'm sure I will have even more great stories to share, I think it's actually going to be pretty great and not the nightmare you are all imagining. I really like my in-laws, and we have the run of the entire basement which is a pretty good size.

So anyway, that's not why the week was crappy. The week actually started out alright. My dad had surgery that went well and when my siblings were in town visiting him we got a lot of work done on the house. Almost completely packed up!

Then Monday and Tuesday Justin and I finished up the packing. (Don't worry, there's a whole post coming about the great things I learned from packing.) And we moved over to the in-laws house on Wednesday.

So here's where the crap starts. If you are easily grossed out you might want to stop reading here.

Wednesday I gave Doodle a new treat. It was one of Jax's (in-law's dog) treats. This was a mistake. After coming home from a friend's gender reveal party Wednesday night Doodle had pooped in the house. I disciplined him, cleaned it up, thought it was the end of it. It wasn't.

In the middle of the night I wake up with a bloody nose. I took care of it but went back to sleep with tissues stuffed in my nostrils. In the morning Justin woke me up to kiss me goodbye (he was taking Doodle to the groomers and then going golfing) and tells me there's something on my pillow. With tissue still hanging out of my nose I tell him I know, it's blood, and honestly I don't care at the moment and went back to sleep.

Well then I wake up a little later and come to find out…. oh that blood on my pillow? Not blood. Doodle decided to come sit by my head in the night (probably to tell me his but was exploding) and got poop on my pillow. And I slept with it. Awesome.

I go upstairs to take care of that situation, shower, eat breakfast, chat it up with my MIL for a while, come back down stairs and I smell poop. If you're a HIMYM fan, I was thinking, "Where's the poop Doodle? Where's the poop?"

I found it in another room. More poop than I have ever seen come out of my dog at one time, and diarrhea. I spent the next hour and a half, not even joking, cleaning up dog poop and cussing out my husband for being golfing and drinking beer while I was pregnant and on all fours scrubbing poop away. My mom told me it was practice for when the baby actually gets here. Not cool.

Anyway, I won't bore you all with the gory details, but that's how the last 5 days have been. We took him to the vet and are trying a million different things, but it's Poop Central over here. Doodle has been confined to days on the deck and nights in the bathroom and his spoiled poodle self is not loving life. Please pray for a quick recovery. For all of our sakes.

There was some fun snuck in a few places. My baby sister came to spend a few days with us here at Poop Central and was such a trooper, and I spent Saturday with my siblings and mom in Moscow which is always a great time.

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