Friday, April 11, 2014

Things I learned while moving

As you know I had the pleasure of moving last week. Which is always so fun. #sarcasm But I thought I would pass along some of the nuggets of knowledge I learned while we were going through this experience.

10 Things I learned while packing:

1. Don't make fun of your husband when he does not know how to use the tape gun. He will not appreciate it and the situation will get serious really quickly. I guess it could be kind of difficult if you've never used one before.

2. Moving is easier when you have friends and family that love you and are willing to help you. Or free beer and food to give them.

3. Label, label, label. Do Not Drop, Very Fragile, Do Not Stack On. Whatever. When other people, specifically a lot of boys, are helping you move, it's best if they know exactly what's in the boxes so they aren't playing football with them. Seriously. Also, label what is in the box and what room it belongs to. And do it on each side of the box. It will make it so much easier when people are helping you unpack, or if you're looking for something in your storage unit.

4. You have more junk thank you need, period.

5. Buy (or get from the liquor store like we did) small boxes. For some reason I first went for the large and medium boxes. I figured, we have a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff needs to be put in a lot of big boxes. What I learned is that all of my plates stacked on top of each other is very heavy and does not fill up a large box. Lots of smaller boxes was much much more helpful for packing up the kitchen.

6. You need more tape than you think you do. I think we went through 6 rolls. And we don't even have that big of a house. And more boxes than you think you do. And more black markers. They get misplaced and its annoying to not be able to move on with anything else until you label the freaking box in case you forget whats in it.

7. Have everything ready to go before you ask people to come help. Or at least as much as you can. I thought I had a huge stack of boxes so I asked the guys to come make a run to the storage unit. It took them about 3 minutes to move the "huge stack" and they were like, "oh ok glad we came over for that." Not really, they are all great and wouldn't say that, but you get the point.

8. Get wrapping paper. I sent my dad out for newspaper to wrap breakables in and he came back with a box of wrapping paper from u-haul. It was so great. My hands didn't get dirty using it and it was super cheap.

9. Putting blankets and towels into boxes is a giant waste of space. Instead use the blankets and towels to cushion bigger breakables and wrap them around pictures and mirrors.

10. Almost everything we own fits in a 10x15 storage unit. Depressing. I wonder how much it would go for on storage wars.

Goodbye old house! 

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