Monday, January 5, 2015

You could be a new mom if...

To say my life has changed since Sawyer has been born would be an understatement. The other day I found myself cheering when Sawyer pooped for the first time in 36 hours, and I thought, whoa... Never thought that would happen! Here are some signs you're in the new mom club with me.

1. You smell someone's butt on a regular basis. (And maybe even cheer when there's poop.)

2. These days living on the edge is burping your baby without a burp cloth.

3. You have to really think about the last time you showered. And sometimes you can't remember. Really though.

4. You go from a well rounded instagrammer to your last 6, no 7, no 8 posts being of your child. Sorry friends.

5. You pick out an outfit based on how easy it is going to be to get to your boobs. #breastfeedingproblems

6. You and your husband used to be able to pack for a weekend trip in just a few bags. Now a weekend trip requires the full bed of a pickup truck to haul around all of the things you need.

7. You may or may not smell clothes to decide if they are acceptable to wear. And maybe even wear something with baby puke on it because its not that bad.

8. You find your self swaying back and forth or slightly bouncing, even when you're not holding your baby. That's normal right?

9. You become super speedy at so many things. For example I now can clear my plate in under 2 minutes, and can be in and out of the shower, dressed, and semi presentable in 10.

10. You are so tired. All. of. the. time.

11. You become irrationally upset if your baby is woken up by someone else's noise. (Cue me yelling at Justin for not holding in his sneeze, and waking Sawyer up yesterday. When he told me that's impossible I told him I know from experience that it's not.)

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  1. This made me laugh so hard hahah oh the mom club. Nothing can prepare you... Yet nothing will be as rewarding.