Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Months!

Wow guys, I have not been doing so well in the blogging department. There have been girls trips, and birthdays, and holidays, and all sorts of things that I have not blogged about! My excuses aren't even good... So I wont bore you with them. I'm just going to say that I'm going to try to be better!

Can you even believe that Sawyer is now 5 months old?! The last month went by soo quickly!

I think we have succeeded in bulking our little man up a little. He is now grown out of his 0-3 month clothes. I think we could still squeeze him into some of the onesies, but they are getting tight.

He continues to love cooking with me! His favorite spot is in the ergo, facing outwards. He grabs for everything so I have learned to cook with arms extended. I'm quite talented.

He is starting to sit up independently. He is not sturdy at it, he still uses his hands to prop him up, or is quite wobbly if he does sit up all the way. And I think its hard on his little ab muscles, because he doesn't look like he enjoys it!

We went this whole month being healthy! Woohoo! But now we have a little cold/cough again. It's not nearly as bad as the RSV before, so we're thankful for that.

Sawyer is starting to get just the tiniest bit of stranger danger! He doesn't cry when new people hold him, but he is starting to get a little shy. He'll smile at them but then turns his head away, or sometimes he doesn't smile at them at all, just stares at them looking concerned. We are going to see the Easter Bunny this weekend and I'm so excited to see if he is terrified or if it just doesn't faze him.

Lately playing PeekABoo is sure to make him laugh! He doesn't like to play behind a blanket. A blanket or towel over his face kind of freaks him out. He usually holds his breath. But hiding behind a doorway, or around a corner and popping out just cracks him up.

He is barely starting to discover his tongue! He sticks it out and plays with it, every now and then!

He's been doing pretty good with sleeping through the night again. Every now and then he wakes up in the early early morning hours, but he will usually go back to sleep when we give him his pacifier.

We have started solids! Kind of. I knew that Sawyer was ready, so at our 4 month appointment I asked our doctor about trying them. He said that we could, to treat it like dessert (meaning every now and then, not everyday... shocker, I know). So we have tried some baby rice cereal, and some avocado. And he loves them both.

This kid loves the bath!! He is totally a water baby! I think its the best part of his day. He totally just lounges in the water, sucks on his washcloth, coos to himself, and sometimes rolls over and kicks like he's swimming! I cant wait to get him in the lake or in a pool this summer!

I cant believe how fast he is growing up! We love this little guy so much. Sometimes at night Justin jokes about going to get him out of bed so we can play with him some more and some days it takes all of my strength to tell him no! We just can't get enough!

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