Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sawyer is 9 Months... For Real

I have a 9 month old. True story. I can't believe it! We have had a busy summer and I feel like Sawyer is just getting so big!

We have our 9 month appointment next week which I'm super stoked about. No shots, and I get to see where my little string bean is weighing in! I thought we wouldn't be budging out of the 6-9 month clothes for the whole summer but he might just prove me wrong. He is pretty long so some of his pajamas and t-shirts are starting to be just the tiniest bit too short. Also his feet are growing! I bought him some sandals at the beginning of summer that were way too big and I thought, "Good, these will last all summer then!" But just yesterday I was looking at his little feet in them and realizing they are fitting pretty snuggly!

Mr. Sawyer man is still the happiest little guy but boy oh boy can he scream. He thinks its just hilarious and screams out of excitement, joy, frustration, or when he feels like you're not giving him enough attention. And boy is it loud. Those of you who know me might recall that children screaming in public is one of my all time biggest pet peeves. Well isn't that just the biggest dose of karma, that now my child is screamer. At least he isn't tantruming. Yet.

We now have 3 teeth! And numbers 4, 5, and 6 will soon be on their way! His top right tooth is finally visible and I am betting that the other top one and his next two bottom ones will be here pretty soon as well. Justin has named this new tooth Chester, for those of you keeping track.

Although we are still not clapping or signing please, we are learning some other exciting skills. High fives, putting both hands up when we ask, "how big is Sawyer?" (the answer is so big, obviously), and reaching one arm straight out in front of him to say hi are the skills we are just beginning to do and they are so fun!

He also is learning to hand you things and feed you which I think is the cutest. If he's eating something he'll offer you bites, or he'll hand you a toy if you put your hand out when he's playing. Makes my heart melt, he's so stinkin cute.

Sawyer is such a fan of food. Just like his momma, he hasn't met a carb or a cheese he doesn't like. He also really likes meat. Fruits and veggies are hit and miss mostly. But one thing is for sure, he is so over baby food. I can get him to eat it when I put on a dancing and singing show for him while he's eating, but mostly he could care less. But whatever mom and dad are eating? Get it on his tray right now. Like 5 minutes ago. And don't try to feed him, he can do it himself thank you.

As much as I want him to like books, especially because we just made him these sweet book ledges, he's just not into them yet. He can't sit still long enough for me to get through a whole book. He is on the move constantly. He is a crawling machine. This month we had to install a couple of cabinet locks and a baby gate because Soy Bean is just too fast. He loves to be held, but holding on to your fingers and walking in circles around the kitchen island is by far superior.

The view of him I normally see. 

We are 4 lessons into swim class and he loves it! He is a great little doggy paddler! The swim instructor always says, "He's got great form, we just need to get him to close his mouth!" Remember what I said about the mouth open splashing thing? It's his fave. We've also survived 4 times going under! With no cries from anyone, so thats a win!

Sawyer's eyes are still blue most days, but other days they are changing to a hazelish green color. He still has his strawberry birthmark on the back of his neck, and a little brown birthmark above his left eye. And the little mark on his cheek is not dirt, it's a little bruise from a little spill him and his auntie took while camping.

This month was harder than ever to get him to sit still and pose him in a cute way with that sticker! Thats why I had to put him in his crib for some of these pictures, to keep him in one place!

Sawyer, your Daddy and I love you so much. You are the brightest little beam of sunshine and you make our lives brighter and happier every day. We love you to the moon and back little one!

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