Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stuffed Flank Steak

This morning, in the Christmas Break way, I was sitting around pinteresting when I found this delicious looking recipe for stuffed flank steak. Justin and I are both pretty big fans of flank steak so we decided to try it out. By we I mean Justin said, "You should totally make that for dinner tonight." So I did. Now I make a lot of things off of pinterest, sometimes they turn out well, sometimes not so well, pinterest can be deceiving. But this looked pretty easy.

So, I gathered the ingredients, put on my cute apron, and got started. 

You're supposed to slice the steak open "like a book," but mine kinda looked creepily like lungs.
Creepy steak lungs.

Then you mix up all the other ingredients, and smear it over the steak. But I forgot to take a picture of that part. Then you roll it up, and you were supposed to tie it up but I didn't have any cotton string that I deemed appropriate for cooking so I made an executive decision and decided I didn't need it.

Looking good so far, right?

So then it cooks for awhile, and I went to go check out what Justin was doing. Him and Wyatt were supposed to be putting a shelf in our room for the cable box to sit on.

What good workers!

Anyway, back to the cooking. It came out looking pretty good. But in a lot of sauce slash oily liquidy stuff. The recipe didn't say anything about that so it threw me off a little. 

When we cut it up it was supposed to look like this:

Mine looked like this:
That foggy stuff is steam, not a ghost. 

So not exactly like the picture, but it tasted much better than it looked. I would recommend it actually. It was pretty easy. Tomorrow I think I'm going to try this zucchini lasagna recipe. Yum!

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