Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

I had Wednesday through Sunday off from work and it was Uh. Maze. Ing. Wednesday I indulged myself by sleeping in, reading, and getting a shellac mani pedi.

After that I headed up to the inlaws to start the Thanksgiving prep. It started like this:

So... perfectly.

We prepped the stuffing and I made pecan pie.

And the doggies got a little bit spoiled.

Thursday morning Justin and I went to his Dad's house for coffee and donuts with his dad and grandparents. Then we went back to Justin's mom and stepdad's house to start the cooking!

I was in charge of cranberry cake with hot butter sauce, green bean casserole, and homemade rolls!

I was lucky enough to get to have my dad with us as well. I think this was the first holiday I've ever spent with my dad without my siblings. Although I missed them dearly it was kind of nice to have him all to myself.

We had amazing people, amazing food, and so many blessings. It was a wonderful day.

The cooks relaxing after dinner...

...while the guys cleaned up!

Friday we went downtown for the lighting ceremony. Justin usually has to work through this, but this year he had it off! It was his first time ever going to the ceremony!

There is a parade, amazing firework display, and then all of the downtown Christmas lights turn on at the same time. It is spectacular.

Saturday and today were spent getting helping my MIL get her house ready for Christmas, and the getting our house ready. Complete with decorating the tree!

I even got a little bit of reading done!

It was such a great little break! Now I am all rested and ready for a busy work week!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend!


  1. Christmas Tree envy! Love the decor!

  2. Love all the holiday decor! And so cool to see fireworks this time of year! I've never heard of cranberry cake but that looks/sounds delicious! So glad you had a good holiday!