Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wish List 2015

Ahhhh! The wish list! This is one of my favorite posts to put together! I always do it in the fall, and it's a signal that my birthday is around the corner! I waited until the last minute this year, since my birthday is on Thursday!! But there's always Christmas too! ;) 

1. Keurig 2.0 K250 Brewing System- So I love me some coffee. But Justin goes a little bit crazy in the morning with his coffee. We have to request "normal" coffee when we have guests. Justin's coffee has been called sludge and mud, it's basically straight coffee bean in liquid form. He makes a pot in the morning and then drinks is all day long, and even sometimes the next day again if its not all gone. Sick. Anyway. All of that to say... I like to be in control of my own cup of coffee. So me and my keurig are buddies. When I first got one a couple of years ago I got the personal one, that only brews one cup at a time, and you fill the water each time you use it. It's great and all, but I would really love an upgrade!

2. Maskcara IIID Foundation Palette- I have been following Ms. Cara Brooks since before I had a blog. I found her on Pinterest and became obsessed with her make up tutorials. She talked in all of them about how one day she would create her own make up line, and then she did it! And I want need it. I have been admiring the before and after photos on the Mascara instagram page for far too long. 

3. Alex & Ani Cross Wrap Bracelet- I love my collection of Alex and Ani bracelets. They will probably always be on my wish list. I would love this cross one, or the apple one. 

4. Bip & Bop Kelly Cluster Necklace- I would love to have one of these necklaces! I would put my anniversary on the bar, and Sawyer's initials on the circle! 

5. Custom Address Stamp- Before we moved I had one of these. Then Doodle ate it. Then I ordered a new one. Then like 6 months later we moved. So now I need another new one. They are just so fun! And they seriously save so much time!

6. Cutco Galley Set- I grew up with Cutco knives, and then when we lived with my in-laws, they had Cutco knives too. They are the best. And i got used to a certain level of greatness, so now my knives are just not cutting it anymore (see what I did there ;)). 

7. Silverware Set- (Ours are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond but I couldn't find the exact link.) You know you're getting old when your wish list is filled with kitchen and home products. But seriously. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, and we only have one silverware set, which does not have enough pieces for my family. This simply will not do. 

8. Pacific Beach Sofa- We really need a new couch. The one from our old house just doesn't fit right in the new house. This plus a big fancy arm chair would be my dream. Justin's dream involves leather and cup holders and something I am not willing to put in this house. So we are at a stand still. But a girl can dream!

9. Calvin Klein Gigi Boot- A girl can never have too many boots. And I have been really wanting some over the knee ones!

10. Littlest Warrior Be Kind Tee- Be Kind could pretty much could be my life motto. Plus, I hate mean people. Plus, Littlest Warrior is a super cool business, spreading awareness and inclusion and I love it. 

11. Pink Box Drill Set- Since we moved into our new house I have been doing more and more projects lately that involve a drill. I would like to have my own so that it can always be charged, and clean, and organized, and I don't have to go into the cold garage and dig around in that mess to find it. Plus, its pink!

12. Apollo Tools Set- Basically the same reasons as 11. But I have started my own little collection of tools. I have a hammer and a measuring tape, and I could really use some screwdrivers so that I can more easily put new batteries in all of Sawyer's toys without breaking off the tips of my knives (another reason I need new knives!). 

What do you guys think? Good list? Are you in agreement with me about the couch? And I totally need that new Keurig right? I'd love to hear what you think!


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