Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mom's Weekend 2013

This last weekend I ventured down to Moscow for Mom's Weekend. I am so lucky that I have such amazing siblings that love me, and don't mind me tagging along for their Mom's Weekend. Plus I got to spend some time with me momma, which is always great!

Here's 10 great things I loved about my weekend:
1. Seeing family. Of course.
2. Getting to see the wonderful KKG and all of the girls there, and getting to sleep there again!
3. Playing a serious amount of BOOM. Pro Status now. (kinda)
4. Playing with my brother's roommate's cat's kittens! So Precious!
5. Playing with Kaity's adorable baby Rue!
6. Meeting my sister's man.
7. Beer Darts. Mom's Weekend Tradition.
8. Borrowing clothes from my sister.
9. Getting to see Kristen and Shelbea. Such a fun surprise.
10. Catching up with people I don't get to see very often.

Here's some great pictures from my weekend:

 I know... I missed my calling as an animal photographer. =)

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  1. Adorable everything in this post is way too cute from you two to the cats!