Monday, May 5, 2014

18 Week: Will Baby M be a He or a She?!

Wow you guys. I wrote this post to inform you all of what I've been up to lately and I couldn't even list three things. The truth is I've just been crazy busy with work. Well that and growing a human. Truth is, after a long day of work and meetings all I really have energy for is eating dinner, maybe a shower and then I'm ready for bed. But work is finally slowing down a  little and I have a little more free time.

BUT this week, something amazing is happening! We get to find out the sex of our little nugget on Wednesday! And I just could not be more excited.

Here's what the old wive's tales say:

Heartbeat: Above 140 says girl, below says boy. The first time was 170, the second appointment 145. Girl

Bulge: Out front says boy, in hips and back says girl. I think out front, someone please tell me if this is just wishful thinking… Boy

Belly Looks Like: Basketball says boy, Watermelon says girl. Watermelon… Girl

Boobies: We won't go into detail, my dad reads this blog. Boy

Looks: More beautiful than normal means boy, less than normal, girl. People have told me I'm glowing, but I'm also breaking out like a teenager… Girl

Urine: Bright means boy, dull means yellow. Boy

Wedding Ring: In circles means boy, sideways means girl. Boy

Cravings: Salty and Sour means boy, Sweet means girl. Fruit, smoothies, juice. That's the only consistent thing. Girl

Current age + Month of Conception: even means boy, odd means girl. 26 Boy

Chinese Calendar: Girl

Justin thinks: Girl

I think: Boy

Boy: 6
Girl: 6

Feel free to weigh in with your opinion!

Sorry about the puffy eyes and the red nose… Allergies are not being kind to me.

How far along: 18 weeks
Gender: We'll soon find out!
Weight Gain: I haven't been near a scale lately. We'll see at our appointment Wednesday!
Maternity Clothes: Of course.
Stretch Marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Lately I'm up one time to pee.
Best Moment This Week: Starting to get some baby gear!!
Miss Anything: Still beer and sushi… but we're getting sushi Wednesday so that might satisfy it a little, even though it's not the real thing.
Movement: I definitely have felt it once! Other times I think maybe but maybe not.
Cravings/Aversions: Orange Juice and fruit.
Queasy or sick: Nope!!
Looking forward to: Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday!!


  1. Can't wait to hear which it is! This little teaser post was awesome. So glad to hear your pregnancy is going so smooth, very excited for you!

  2. So exciting!!! I actually hear that wedding ring thing works more of the time than not... haha not sure how but now I'm thinking boy.