Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Wow you guys, I suck at blogging. I just get so tired. Please forgive me. It's Wednesday night and I'm just getting around to recapping my weekend. But anyway!! I had a really good weekend!

Friday I had the day off, woohoo. My mother in law and I went up to Spokane to do a little shopping and eating. Two of my favorite things. Then we went to see Wicked! I saw The Lion King in New York the summer after 8th grade, but since then I haven't seen any other Broadway production. I loved it! The songs, and Glinda's character were my favorites. It was a lot of fun.

We got home from the play around midnight and I got right into bed because justin and I were leaving to head over to Seattle at 4am! The trip went well, Doodle is a great little car buddy, and we caught the 10:00 ferry over to Bremerton where we met my mom, stepdad, and two of my sisters. We boated over to Poulsbo and walked around the cute little town.

Me in the kayak my stepdad and Abbie handmade! 

Doodle and I cuddling on the boat! Please excuse the hagerdness. 

Abbie trying to squeeze between the tiny little "alleys" between the buildings.

This bakery was amazing! Pie, donuts, pastries, we enjoyed ourselves.

We spent the night out on the boat. My stepdad referred to it as, "camping with benefits." Which I enjoyed. And then Sunday we headed back to their house for a little BBQ, and my dear friend Erica met us there.

Other things that should be mentioned:

  • We played about 2 hours worth of Heads Up. If you don't own this app you need to go buy it now. You're welcome.
  • I ate my weight in watermelon. Not even joking.
  • We saw some seals. One waved to us. It was pretty cool. And we saw a baby.
  • We played Disney Trivia Pursuit. Abbie and I won. And now Justin wants to watch all of these old Disney movies to hone in on his Disney skills. I'd say it was a win for everyone involved.
  • Abbie and I spent some time working the Rainbow Loom, and we got pretty good at it if I do say so myself. 

Rainbow Loom pros.

Come on, tell me you see it. 

Monday morning we drove home and met my other siblings back at my In Laws house for another BBQ. And on the way home we saw a cloud that looked just like a whale. So that was cool.

We definitely were spoiled in the food department this weekend. And I got to see most of my favorite people. It was wonderful.

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