Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I'm Loving

I missed WILW last week. Big news, I know. But that means I have an extra great list to share with you all today.

I am loving oreos and watermelon. Not together, but I seriously can't get enough of either of these foods.

I am loving Supergoop CC Cream. This stuff is seriously amazing. I got a little trial size of it in my last Birchbox, and I zoomed through it. I had to order a full size of it because I'm obsessed. It's light, it blends wonderfully, and still covers nicely. It will be the perfect summer makeup.

I am loving The Bachelorette and Remember Sharleen from Juan Pablo's season? She and Juan Pablo had those awkward but steamy make out seshes? Besides that… she is smart, beautiful, fashionable, and witty. And she writes a mean Bachelorette recap. I especially love how she includes two "Drink When Andi says" words. Not that I can participate in that, but still.

I am loving that school is almost out!! Two more days! Holla!

I am loving that summer TV is about to start up! Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Big Brother, Mistresses! Yay!!


I am loving that I got to see my friend Cara's sweet baby boy yesterday!! I cannot wait to give him a little playmate!!

I am loving this pretty flower crown I picked up the other day at Francesca's. I'm so fashion forward.

Happy hump day you all!

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