Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I'm Loving

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted around here friends. I was pretty sick last week and with the short week... it just got away from me.

Here we are again... it's Wednesday. It's already been a long week for me. I went all day Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday and when I finally realized it was actually Tuesday I was so disappointed. So I couldn't be happier that we have finally reached Wednesday.

Here's what I'm loving:

I'm loving that I got to spend the long holiday weekend with family in Ashton. We went on a fun snowmobiling trip with my inlaws and two of my sisters, and my dad. It was a fun time filled with yummy food, some of my favorite people, so many games, and lots of laughs.

Double Sisters

Doodle on the way home... using my pillow pet. He's not spoiled.

The Man by Aloe Blacc. Honestly I've been obsessed with this song since during football season when my love, Colin Kaepernick would be on the Beats commercials with it playing. I am so loving that it is now popular enough to be on the radio pretty much every time I get into the car. It's one of those songs I just like to blast as loud as I can and dance and sing to.

The Man by Aloe Blacc on Grooveshark

I might get some crap for this... but I actually love Nikki from The Bachelor. Everyone on the interweb is out there like We hate Nikki, Nikki is a biotch. And I'm like, I think she's funny. I hope she wins... especially because it seems like she's going to be up against Claire, and she makes my brain hurt.

I dont know why I chose this one... I just think she's great.

I am loving Ashley from The Grits Blog. One, because she's great. And two, because she hosted a giveaway for a three month subscription to Birchbox, and I won! This is the first giveaway that I have won and I am stoked! Get ready for a Birchbox post... it's coming your way!

I am loving that I got to attend a fun Wine Tasting Party for a coworkers birthday party. It was SO cute, and so fun, and I had such a great time.

Personalized glass tags. So cute.

Each wine was in a bag. We tasted them all and took notes and then un-bagged them at the end. 

The spread! 

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