Thursday, July 11, 2013


Aloha! In case you all have missed me I'm here to update you all on what I've been up to! On June 29th Justin and I tied the knot! It was such a great day! We are so thankful to all of our family and friends who supported, celebrated, and helped. We absolutely could not have done it without you all. We left on the 1st to Maui! And spent 10 glorious days there! We got home last night. Now while everyone has been asking me to put up wedding photos, I don't have them all quite yet! So to appease you all... here are some of our honeymoon pictures! I know... not as good as our wedding, but you'll survive! Ok get ready for a lot of pictures!

Day 1: We got to Maui mid afternoon. One of Justin's friends lives there so he gave us some leis upon arrival and showed us around the island a little. We stopped at CostCo to get some essentials, and then explored a little. The first few days we stayed at Ka'anapali Beach Club.

These flowers were everywhere and smelled so yummy!! These are often the flowers that the girls tuck behind their ears too! Right ear if you're single, left if you're taken!
These little guys were everywhere too. I tried to catch them all but I was not very good at it...
The rain comes and goes so quickly in Ka'anapali. We saw tons,  but this was right when we got to our hotel room, and such a perfect rainbow!  
 Day 2: The second day we relaxed on the beach all day and then we went out on a dinner cruise. Before we got on the boat we got to see the famous Banyan tree. This is all one tree that takes up one whole acre. the branches come out and create new trunks and roots to support it. It's the largest one in The United States. It was pretty cool to see.

Precious little man making leis! 
Nice photobomb people. (Don't worry... we got one without them too."
Such a beautiful sunset!
Day 3: On the third day we went to Hana. The highway to Hana is only about 52 miles but it takes about 4 hours to get there because there are about 100 hairpin turns 50 something one lane bridges, and winding roads the entire way. The road there is beautiful though, and totally worth the trip when you get to all of the great things in Hana.

These birds were trained sooo well and could do all sorts of great things. 
This is at the base of the 2.5 mile hike through a bamboo forrest that leads to a beautiful waterfall. 

The view looking up!

And finally the 300 foot waterfall! So beautiful!

Black sand beach!

 Day 4: Fourth of July! We hung around our hotel and lounged on the beach. We had ribs and hamburgers for lunch and I practiced snorkeling a little along the shore. That night we met up with Justin's local friend. They let us borrow their ocean kayaks and got to take them out for awhile. I had so much fun, and was pretty much a natural! Justin was not as lucky but he was such a good sport and got really good at getting on the kayaks in the water! Then we watched some fireworks with the locals!

Day 5: We got up early to go snorkeling at Molokini cove. It was so beautiful with about 180 feet of visibility. We saw so many beautiful fish. It was amazing. When we get our underwater camera pictures back I'll make sure to post! When we got back from our snorkeling trip we moved to a condo in Kihei for the rest of our trip.


Tiger Woods' ex house that now belongs to his exwife. The one with the orange roof. 
Day 6: Maybe one of my favorite days! Our local friends took us to Secret Beach, also known as marriage beach, where a lot of people get married. It was so beautiful. And there was a sea turtle swimming right off the beach!! We got to swim so close to it, and we snorkeled with him a little too! We also went to Big Beach which has been rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world! The waves were so fun to swim in and the sand was perfect! We also went to dinner with a couple from Coeur d'Alene who happened to get married the same day as us and was also honeymooning in Maui! It was fun to talk about our weddings and vacations together. 

When we went to dinner that night I found this enormous toad and Justin decided to pick him up and give him a little smooch. 
Later we found out that those toads secrete something that can make you hallucinate. Cool. Thank goodness that didn't happen to Justin!
Day 7: We relaxed during the day and then headed to a Luau! It was so so yummy! Each course had a theme from a culture that influences Hawaii and a dance that went along with it.

Pina coladas were included. Yum. 


The scallops were baked in this shell!

Our special dessert when they found out we were on our honeymoon!

Day 8: All of our activities finally caught up to us and we were so tired! We did make it to the aquarium but other then that we did nothing but sleep and eat!

I didn't even see these guys when I first looked!

I loved these little guys and their huge eyes! 
One year old sea turtles!

Day 9: This was our last full day! We went back to Big Beach and relaxed all day before going to a theatre show at night all about the history of Maui. It was really cool. The entire performance was done with dance and Hawaiian song and virtually know English. It was really amazing. Afterward we walked around and looked at all of the little stores and did some major shopping!

Day 10: I don't know if this day counts because it was a busy day of packing and traveling, but we were still in Maui for part of it! Overall it was such a wonderful special trip that we will never forget. And if anyone wants to go we want to plan a trip back with friends, so hit us up! =)

Stay posted for wedding pictures soon!!



  1. so so cute! you look gorgeous with so little make up, i'm so jealous. glad you are back and that you had fun. :)


  2. This looks like an amazing honeymoon! I'm envious of all of the beautiful scenery : )
    Also, you have amazing skin- I wish I could get by with wearing less makeup!

    PS- thanks for stopping by the blog today, I am enjoying checking yours out!

    1. Thanks so much Laurel! Did you and your new hubby go on a honeymoon?