Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty great weekend.

Friday Justin and I went to dinner with some family.

This is the only picture I took of dinner with the family... At least it's a good one.
This is my nephew. Isn't he so cute? I mean look at those cheeks!  
 I also received some items I had ordered from Scentsy and also from Pampered Chef. Isn't it so fun to get things you've ordered?! From Scentsy I ordered a bunch of wonderful summery scent bars. From Pampered Chef I ordered this awesome chip maker.
And these sweet adjustable measuring spoons. They're pretty cool. 
On Saturday we were super productive. Cleaned the house. Went grocery shopping. Justin mowed the lawn. And then we went cliff jumping! I jumped off a particularly high cliff that I hadn't jumped off since high school... so that was exciting. =) 

When we came home we did some experimenting with the chip maker. We did regular potato, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, and kale. Kale and the potatoes were the favorites. We are also going to try apples and radishes, and more of our favorites. 

We also made candied nuts! It was actually a really easy recipe and they were so yummy!! You can see the recipe here. The only thing I did differently was I used some walnuts and some almonds. Yum! 

Sunday we mostly just relaxed. My sister and I did our nails though. I was pretty adventurous. 

Sorry if feet freak you out...
I also made awesome fish tacos. These tacos are so so so good. Justin went as far as to say that this is his new all time favorite meal I make. This replaces beef stroganoff which was the reining champion for at least a year. I'll be posting the recipe soon!

Happy Monday you all. Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Awesome nails, they look so cute!!

  2. Aw what a little cutie! And I love the nails. Really cute :)

    Thanks for linking up!