Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am loving that it is summer and I am still off work! Hollllla! Sidenote here.... because I'm on summer break I have not really gotten ready for anything and have not really taken any pictures of myself. Sorry about that.

I am loving that my husband and I just celebrated 1 month of marriage!!

These are a couple random wedding pictures my dad had on his phone
that I just got to see!

I am loving that we got to go on a little double date last night with Veronica and her boyfriend Darren. We saw Wolverine. It was pretty good. You get to see a little of Hugh Jackman's bottom. I didn't hate it.

I am loving that Watershed is only 3 days away! Can't wait! I am ready for some girl time and some country music!

I am loving that Veronica, Darren and I are going to Silverwood tomorrow...just for fun. Sucks you have to work Justin. Sucks to suck. Sorry not sorry.

I am loving that I have been cooking every night this week! So wifey of me. I'll be sharing some great recipes on (Tasty) Tuesday. So stay posted.

I am loving TV lately. Like more than normal. I have a show to watch almost everyday of the week. It's  out of control. Here's just a few of my loves...
G & B with baby Duke. 
Big Brother. Obvi. 
Cant help it. 

I am loving that even though I got my eyelashes filled over a month ago, and am not planning on getting them refilled, they still look pretty good.

I am loving my little blog facelift. I didn't really do much but I made myself a favicon and changed the layout just slightly. But I love it.

I am loving the book Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It's taking me an annoyingly long time to get through it. Not because it's not good, but because there are so many fun activities going on around here these days. But it's good. Promise.

I am loving Pinterest. I recently reorganized my boards. (Am I the only freak out there that does this?) And now there are millions of crafts and recipes and projects for me to do.

Happy Hump Day people!

P.S. Before starting this post I drank a LARGE cup of coffee and while rereading this I feel like this is a little spastic, so enjoy that! =)

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  1. Hugh Jackman...half the reason I want to see Wolverine ;)

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