Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here we go people! What I'm Loving is back again!

And I'm actually loving a ton of things this week!

I am loving that I inspired one of my besties to do a WILW post on her blog. You all should head over there and show her some love!

I am loving my fall porch decorations... I don't think a cement area in front of my house qualifies as a porch, does it? What is it called then? A patio? Ok, I am loving my fall patio decorations!

I am loving that I got to spend time with family this weekend.

And I am loving that I got to play scrabble with my sisters.

Yes, I had Z and V. And the turn after this I drew Q. And yes, I won. 

And loving that I got to eat In-N-Out Burger. Can we get one of these in Coeur d'Alene? Or even in Idaho? I would even settle for in Spokane.

I am loving that I have gotten to read a little this week! I finished The Opportunist, and also am almost finished with The Fault In Our Stars. Both of them are great!

I am loving that one of my students brought me a plant today. How sweet!

I am loving that Halloween is going to be here in 16 days. And our Halloween party is going to be here in 11! I love getting dressed up! Even though I don't know what I'm going to be yet. Any ideas? Keep in mind that Justin and I like to do couples costumes and also Justin insists on being an animal... yea, it's hard.

I am loving that we are having College Readiness Day today at school and I get to wear some Vandal gear! Yes, I work at an elementary school. No, I don't really get why we need to have College Readiness Day. But Go Vandals!

I'm loving that it is already Wednesday! This week is flying by!

Hope you all have the bestest day!


  1. Thanks for inspiring me.. Once again, I'm LOVING you!

  2. love your fall decor and in-and-out burger is the best!!