Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I recently found September Farm and I think she is basically great. Her and her cute little family are just too much for me to handle, and she too is expecting a little one soon! I obviously had to start following her, and then participate in her Friday link up. Naturally.

1. I am now in full on nesting mode. Which is doubled because I am also nesting on a much grander scale, and thinking of all the things I want need to get for our new house. So far I haven't gone too crazy... but the crib, dresser, nursing table, and crib mattress are all ordered and should be here soon. And the glider and diaper bag got here yesterday!!! Eeep! I have also put my MIL on the hunt for some things we might be able to find at garage sales, because she's a garage sale pro. Here's the kind of feel I'm going for.

2. Also baby related... Yesterday on the way to work a song I love and have heard approximately 352 times came on the radio. I turned it up and started to sing along, and then immediately started crying. Granted it is a kind of sad song, but it wasn't like I didn't know what to expect! Geesh these hormones!
Dont Take The Girl by Tim Mc Graw on Grooveshark

3. The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is now out, in case you missed that yesterday. You're welcome. Does it make me a perv if I kind of want to read the book again right before the movie comes out? You know, just so I can accurately compare the movie and book.

Also, loving that Crazy In Love version.

4. My gorgeous little sister, who is following in my foot steps and just tried out for cheerleading, is coming to visit in 5 days. Yay!

5. Justin and I have our first baby class in 10 days, and then friends and family start to arrive for my shower in 15 days! I am so excited!

Happy Friday you all! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Stopping by from the oh hey friday! link up...loving the grey-tone of the baby room inspo! I've considered repainting our home with a similar grey...but I really hate painting!

    Happy Nesting!