Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Story of Us Part 2

Because I am getting married in 10 days (!) I am telling the story of how Justin and I came to be where we are now! =) You can catch up by reading Part 1 here. 

I remember texting my friend Sam. I said something along the lines of... I think this guy likes me but this could be a potentially awkward camping trip with him, his family, and then me. 
Sam replied... Oh well...just go and have fun.

Thank goodness I did, and thanks for the advice Sam.

We left to go on the camping trip a few days after that. When you spend four days in the woods without cell phone reception you can get to know someone pretty well fairly quickly. We spent our days floating on the lake, talking, flirting, and playing 20 questions with Justin's brother. We spent our evenings around the campfire telling stories and playing games. And we would stay up late asking each other a million questions like you only do when you can tell you are really starting to like someone. 

By the time we left I knew I could really fall for this guy. We got cleaned up and he drove me back to Moscow as promised. I was only in Moscow for a few days and while I was, we were texting the whole time. 

Justin wanted to make me dinner the day I got back to Coeur d'Alene. He made me pesto pasta with shrimp and brochette. It was so delicious. This continues to be Justin's specialty. 

A few days later we decided to go to the fair together. We consider this our first official date. While we were at the fair we stopped by a booth that one of Justin's friends was manning and Justin introduced me as his girlfriend. My ears perked up at this but I didn't say anything just yet. We had a great time at the fair. We rode the zipper and ate yummy fair food. It was a super first date.  

On the way home I called Justin out on introducing me as his girlfriend. He confessed that he really liked me and wanted it to be official. We decided then that we would be exclusive. 

A lot of people said that this was so fast. We were officially dating about two weeks after we had met for the first time. But when you know, you know. 

A few weeks later we went to the coast for Labor Day to introduce Justin to my family. I remember in the car on the way over thinking that I wanted to tell him that I loved him. But I chickened out. 

Later that night on my parents boat Justin told me he loved me. We were laying on a blow up mattress, on the top of their boat, cuddling, talking, and looking at the stars. It was really romantic. And really perfect.

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