Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Story of Us Part 3

Because we are getting married in 9 days, I am retelling the story of Justin and I! If you want to catch up, here is Part 1 and Part 2. 

Once in fall of 2011Justin and I went to Green Bluff in Spokane. You can pick your own apples and pumpkins and go through corn mazes. It was one of our favorite dates, we had such a great time.

Summer of 2012 I was working at Black Rock, which is a fancy shmancy country club. And I was working crazy long shifts. One day Justin mentions that we should go back to Green Bluff because they have strawberries to pick right now. I thought this sounded like a great idea.

The day we planned to go I was supposed to get off work in plenty of time to be able to make it up there. In true Black Rock style I got off late and was in an irritable mood (hard to believe, I know). When I got home I suggested that we reschedule strawberry picking for another night. But Justin insisted on going and reminded me that friends of ours, Dan and Alice, were going with us and planning on it.

I came out of my bedroom after changing into these Nike shorts with tiger stripes and a University of Idaho t-shirt, and Justin and Veronica both made comments about my attire. This was my first clue that something might be up. I dress like that was often as possible and usually no one makes any comments or tells me to change.

Anyway, I went and changed into something approved by my sister and was complaining the whole time about how I was hot, and tired, and I didn't want to go and we should plan it for another day. Veronica basically told me to buck up, that Justin wanted to go and I shouldn't ruin it. She told me to put a smile on my face and get going. Another clue.

In the car ride up it dawned on me that Justin might be proposing. I immediately texted Veronica and asked her if he was and she said no. And something about," would he really propose with a bunch of random strangers around", and I agreed that she was right and he wouldn't.

A few minutes later into the ride Justin gets a phone call from Veronica. He has bluetooth so it comes over the speakers in the whole car. She tells Justin that she needs the combination to his safe because she needs to get the spare key to the car. He tells it to her and walks her through how to open it and they hang up.

Right after that Veronica texts me. She tells me that she found something in the safe and asks if I want to know what it is. I of course say yes. She tells me that she found my engagement ring and that it's beautiful and she cant wait to find out when he is going to propose!

I was so excited! But also thrown off, because at this point I was still thinking he might be proposing that day. I decided to just put it out of my mind and enjoy what Justin had planned for us.

When we get up to the fields they are all closed. Because I was late from Black Rock. And Justin is not happy. We tried one field but for some reason something didn't work out. We tried another one and it was closed too but we decided to go and pick a few strawberries anyway. What rebels, right?

Justin's friend Dan really likes photography and always has his camera out. So when he busted out his camera and started taking pictures of everyone picking strawberries, I didn't think a thing about it. Justin starts walking towards one end of the field and I follow him picking strawberries along the way.

I found a big bunch of perfect strawberries and I yelled out, "Jackpot!" Right then Justin said my nickname and I turned around to find him on one knee with my beautiful ring in his hands. He proposed and I of course said yes and gave him a big hug and kiss.

After that we had a picnic in the strawberry field. It was so thought out and romantic. And I will never forget it. I also feel so lucky to have had Dan there to capture it all!

So Veronica was in on everything, and did a really good job at throwing me off my tracks. What a good sister! =) She was waiting for us when we got home with some other friends and cake and balloons and we had a little engagement party. It was wonderful. =)

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  1. How special Samantha. Your pictures are really lovely. You must be getting so excited, not long to go. Will look forward to seeing your wedding pictures.
    Have a good weekend.
    Rachel x