Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Now that I'm out of school Wednesday really snuck up on me!! It almost passed by without me doing my What I'm Loving!

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1. I am loving being out of school and getting to sleep in.

2. I am loving that my brother and Chloe came for a small visit yesterday. it was nice to get to see them and spend some time together!

3. I am loving that I got to chat with my dear friend Meredith today. You can read her blog here. She's (somewhat) new to the blogging world so show her some love. We've been snapchatting (thats a word, right?) up a storm lately but it was nice to catch up on real life and actually hear her voice.

4. I am loving that my future MIL and Veronica helped me MAKE my veil today!! Thats right! We made it, and it looks so pretty! I am seriously so excited!

5. I am loving these sunglasses I found today. Aren't they great?! I've decided I want need them, ASAP!

That's all for today you guys! I'm super busy with wedding stuff and have to run! 17 days to go! Woot woot!

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  1. I wish I had broken up from school, I have another five weeks to go! Enjoy your lie-ins and your holiday. xx