Saturday, June 15, 2013

Salad and Dressing Recipe

You guys, I'm about to change your lives. This salad and salad dressing recipe is seriously soo good, and so easy! I get requests to make it all the time, and people always want the salad dressing recipe!

I've been wanting to start a post series based on things found on Pinterest and trying them out. Let's be real here. We're all addicted but how often do we go and try out those things we've pinned, and when we do try them out, do they work?

I originally found this salad here. But I put my own dressing on it. Still I say it's a win for Pinterest.

What you'll need:
*lettuce I love this spring mix with herbs, but any kind will do.
*1 cucumber Does any one else rub the ends of the cucumber against the main part when you cut it off? I have no idea why I do this... I must have seen my mom do it or something but I have no idea what the purpose is. Anyway! Peel the cucumber slice it into wedges and then cut it up.

*1 tomato Diced

*1/4 red onion Dice the red onion really small. My MIL showed me this method to dice an onion the other day. Changed my life. 

First slice the onion across one way, but don't go all the way through.
Then across the other way, so you're making little squares. But still don't cut through. 
Then turn the onion on its side and slide all the way down and there you go! Diced onion!

*basil Now I really like basil so I put  a lot in, but you can use as much or as little as you like. Take off the big stems and slice it up. 

Sometimes I'll add avacado or chicken or maybe some pesto shrimp, but this is the basic recipe. 

For the salad dressing:
If you make just this amount it's enough for the salad but I like to quadruple it so that I have it in my fridge for any salad that I want. It's that good!
*1oz olive oil
*1/2 oz balsamic vinegar
*1/2 tsp stone ground dijon mustard
*1 TB agave nectar
*T TB lemon juice
*a few shakes of salt

Put it all in a container, shake it up, and enjoy!

**Side note: The olive oil gets hard when this is in the fridge so you need to let it sit out for a little bit before you use it. 

Let me know how you like it! 

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