Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 18: A memory

This is kind of a combination of a memory from my childhood, and just a few years ago, but it's a great story so its worth it.

My entire life for as far back as I can remember my Ama (grandma) wore this beautiful single pearl necklace. It's different, and one of a kind, and I love it. She would wear it on a beautiful long chain and it was kind of like her trademark. She was never not wearing it.

So when I was a cute little child I told my Ama that I wanted it. And she told me that I could have it when I graduated college, which seemed like a million years away when I was a small little tike. She would refer to it as my necklace, and if I was a good little girl I would be allowed to wear it around the house for awhile. Which was the best.

So fast forward 20 ish years to Easter my senior year in college. (We're still about a month and a half away from graduation.) My brother and I came up from Moscow to have Easter dinner with my grandparents and we brought two friends with us. Dinner at my grandparents house is always a big deal. There's cocktail hour, and appetizers, everything is super formal and great and wonderful. And my Ama is an amazing cook! So a holiday is even greater.

So about halfway through dinner I look over and I realize my Ama is not wearing her necklace. I ask her wear it is. She smiles and says its wrapped up waiting for me. She goes and gets it and give it to me there at the table. Cue the water works. It was such a special moment for me. It was something I had wanted for so long and it was already so important and special to me. It is something I will never forget, and will cherish forever.

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