Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: A Day In the Life.... and Justin's Birthday!

The blog challenge for today in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is "A Day in the Life." Today is an extra special day as well because it is Justin's birthday!

Birthdays are a big deal around here. When Justin and I first started dating I told him about how my friend Karissa's family does a whole birthday week, and how great I thought that was. We decided that we would start doing that too, and it's been a tradition ever since. Karissa's family has this super great excitement building way to do it where their table gets more and more festive as the week progresses, with cards and presents piling up on the table. I would love to (slash will) do that when I have children, but for now Justin and I celebrate birthday week by doing a little something special each day leading up to your birthday. Pretty great.

Justin is also in the process of going to school part time. Unfortunately for him he also had finals this evening. Bummer. This means that his birthday was not able to be the rip roaring celebration that birthdays should always be. Especially because he turned 26 today! I took every chance I could to remind him that he is now in his LATE 20's. =)

Anyway... Justin's birthday celebrations will pick up again tomorrow when finals are over and carry on through the weekend, but here's some pictures of today.

Veronica and I were up early to make Justin breakfast. Doodle took this opportunity to cuddle up with Veronica's pillow. Isn't he the cutest?!

He said he got honked at all day. Love. 

Some of his birthday cards. He's very loved. 

I got him this t-shirt today. I didn't get a picture of him wearing it yet but I'll be sharing that just as soon as possible! =) 

So then Justin and I had to go to work. Veronica and Doodle got to stay at home and play. Jealous.

After work Justin studied and Veronica and I made tuna melts for dinner. Yum. 

While Justin went off to take his test, the rest of us stayed home to watch Big Miracle and cuddle on the couch. I thought it was a great movie too. Those "based on a true story" movies always get me.

I've been working on this bad boy for awhile now. I thought I was going to have enough corks for sure when I started but I'm not quite there. So I added a few more corks on while waiting for the Birthday Boy to get home.

So there's my Justin's day! More festivities to come! Stay posted! 


  1. I love your cork monogram! And how all the corks are all different colors.

    1. Thanks Laura! Definitely a work in progress but I think it's going to end up looking really great!