Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: The worst things about me...

Ok you guys... this one makes me a little nervous! I feel like I could tell you my worst traits... which really aren't that bad (hopefully) but then those of you out there that know me, could be reading this shaking your heads going, "No, thats not it at all. She's clueless." So I'm going to share hat I think my worst traits are... and then I'll share what Justin thinks my worst traits are... This should be interesting! =)

1. I'm quite messy. I like to call it organized chaos. To the untrained eye it may look messy but really I know where everything is so it's still organized. =) My college roommates, my parents, my siblings, Justin, even people I work with would all probably go with messy... I say organized chaos. We'll agree to disagree. Justin is a huge, huge, huge neat freak though. It's bad you guys. So I am being forced to try to change my ways. I don't know if he would agree that I'm getting better, but I think I am!

2. I am overly emotional. I can sometimes get my feelings hurt pretty easily. I cry at silly things. The other day I saw that Target commercial with all of those kids opening their college acceptance letters... I cried. I cried watching Say Yes To The Dress the other day! I didn't even cry when I found my own wedding dress... but watching a stranger find hers... Geesh! I didn't used to be this bad, I mean it was always a problem, but it's gotten pretty bad recently. And add alcohol into the mix... not good. Justin will consider the night a success if we go out together and I make it through the whole night without shedding a tear about something! How embarrassing.

3. I'm usually running late. Not much of an explanation needed here... I'm just always running late. Not hugely late, but usually in the 2-6 minute range. I hate when people are late for appointments and meetings so this is probably the one that I try to avoid or try to work on the most, but unfortunately it's still a problem.

Justin's thoughts (without even a second of hesitation):
1. You're messy
2. You get beer tears
3. Bills

I asked for clarification on that last one and he said I don't pay them as quickly as he'd like. That kind of goes along with being late though, right? So I was pretty dead on! Go me!

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend friends!

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  1. Overly emotional that's me as well. My boyfriend is always telling me I cry at