Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 19: My faves!

The blog challenge for Day 19: 5 Blogs I love! Here are some of the best! 

This is actually Ashley Spivey's blog. She was on Brad's season of the Bachelor. This is the first blog I started reading on a regular basis. She does hilarious recaps of The Bachelor. If you watch the show regularly you should head on over there and check her out. She hasn't blogged in a little while, but I'm hoping she'll pick it up again when the new season starts soon! 

This is my friend Karissa's bog. She is seriously the hottest up and coming blogger you guys. You need to follow her. She is a little fashionista who blogs about her life with her adorable family. She is the one who got me in to this blogging every day challenge! I love her blog! It gives me a chance to stay caught up with her when we live far away from each other. 

So this is a super famous blogger. If you like makeup and have a Pinterest I'm sure you've seen something of hers flying around the web. I am obsessed. I decided to be brave and attempt to do my own wedding makeup. This blog has been my go to. She has so many good tutorials and does amazing make overs. 

This is a makeover she did recently. So great right?

This is another pretty big time blogger. She is a photographer who blogs about her family, photography, beauty and fashion, and life. The day I found her blog I instantly fell in love with her writing. She writes in such a real way, you feel like you know her. I always look forward to reading her posts, and they always have such beautiful pictures. 

This is Brittany. And I actually don't know here, she's the friend of a friend. So I hope she doesn't find it creepy that I'm blogging about her. I found her blog through my friend Karissa (Blog I love #2). I love Brittany's love for God and the inspiring things she posts about on her blog. 

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